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posted by mermaidperlin
salut guys im a mermaid!!!yayayayay! Im so happy for the fact that I can be a mermaid! I've also got to be careful because tonight is a full moon. Wish me luck!

So I've been doing research I found this spell that worked on me, but now what? I'm watching H2O: Just Add Water but im not really getting any mermaid advice. Any help? I'm a little nervous about school also since eventually someone ou my teacher is going to end up getting curios about why I don't go to the bathroom any more. Help me PLEASE SOMEONE I mean this is a dream come true BUT STILL I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by XxmermaidzxX
Hi girls!!! i just found out i had wind power. had a hard time practicing it... anyways, i can give conseil about how to get it some may not work some will. some will get your powers when u r scared, desperate for it ou angry. but what i learnt is actually that everyone has powers deep inside them, just that they don't know. so those who gave up don't. I wish u guys good luck! oh, and u can only practice it to 2 to 3 days only! BYE!!!!!
posted by XxmermaidzxX
Hi everyone! i made this spell up and im not sure if it works. if it work pls commentaire below!!! make sure your HANDS are wet while toi read this
'' Neptune,Oh Neptune. My greatest desire is to become a mermaid. When wet my tail shall appear. When dry i will have 2 feet.Let me have a (colour of tail) and a little touch if (colour u want.)Oh Neptune please grant me my greatest desire.''

side effects:
- knee casquette, cap hurts
-feet turning into colour of tail

u MAY ou may not have this side effects pls don't post bad commentaires if it does not work. it may take about i week. but if it does not work in 6 weeks try again. toi will have powers but toi do NOT get to choose. pls, if u have powers commentaire what powers toi have. Bye!
posted by mermaidlove333
Mystery of the moon give me my magic soon
Power of the sea make me what I want to be a mermaid.

say wile looking at the full moon with your left hand in water and a shell in your right. i dont no if it works but im going to try it so i will let toi no if it dose in the comments. it must be a full moon and must be night. the side effects are the same as all the other.
wanting water
leg stick together
legs feel slimy in water
lower back hurting
legs hurt of feel weird.
toi dont get to chose your power ou tail color and i dont no how long it takes. all i no is that if toi get side effects then toi will get your tail soon
i did not make this spell so dont bug me if it dose not work.
hope it dose and let me no in the commentaires if it works for toi