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I don&# 39; t think so hmm_ 1. 6 turbo...
well at least they will be...
le choix des fans: Agreed, Davide should of gotten the sit.
Agreed, Davide should of...
Nah, I reckon there is still...
le choix des fans: Kimi Raikkonen
le choix des fans: Ferrari
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misslick a dit …
Is anyone interested in buying a signed Lewis Hamilton baseball casquette, cap encased in a presentation frame? It is one of a kind and encased in a large framed case measuring 88cm high, 91 cm wide and 14 cm deep. Also within the frame are 4 classic photos with a central plaque engraved 'Lewis Hamilton 2008 formula one champion'. Includes a certificate of authentication. £500 ONO. Contact me on 07875354740 posté il y a plus d’un an
katialautnerxx a dit …
Omg, my dad drew a pic (just pencil) of Ayrton Senna three days before he died. If I get a pic of it I'll post it. Its fab.
I know its weird if girls R into football & formula 1 but I'm addicted to karting. I went to a real racing track in Portugal once. Well, i do every an now. Dad also wrote a story called Racer Girl. It was Brill 2. posté il y a plus d’un an
tommo912 a dit …
This is the best sport ever and the best driver is Michael Schumacher posté il y a plus d’un an
goru0000 commenté…
no, Ayrton Senna il y a plus d’un an
TeamVettel commenté…
yep,Ayrton Senna of course...but now he's death...so now for our the best driver is Michael Shumi... il y a plus d’un an
murphymark commenté…
I think for achievements micheal Schumacher is the all timer but only because ayrton il y a plus d’un an
murphymark commenté…
if anyone still uses this wall_what did toi think of the Belgium GP anyone_ personally I was rather hoping for vettel to break down and make the championship plus exciting ! il y a plus d’un an