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posted by 67Dodge
"Your Identification please, mister Barker," the female on the counter commanded. 

Damion reached into a pocket in his leather veste for a plastic ID card, setting it gently on the desk. 


Damion sighed, getting several rolls of paper. 

The lady at the counter took a look at each and every form set on her desk, scanning the bar codes and typing away at her keyboard with scrutiny. She first looked at the ID card, the black text lire "Todd Barker", and a non-smiling face stared back at her. She looked at the certifications as well. Her plump figure was clad in all black, with...
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posted by sowem
Gallis walked around Lost in a semi-dark hallway all par himself, separated from the rest of the team.
He entered a room and gasped.
He saw his family trapped in a cage above a lava pool.
Blowhole: Hi, Gally. Look familiar?

Gallis awoke in fright.
He looked at the clock, it was only 4:30.

He decided to go for a swim, for this was his way of relaxing.
When he climbed out of the pool, the sun was rising.
Gallis: I think I'll go check up on Laura.
He went in and saw that every one was still asleep.
He went into Laura's habitat to check up on her.
Gallis(caringly): Sleeping as peaceful as ever.

He went for...
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The team hopped out of the fishbowl, and Skipper explained what they would be doing.

"So today, team, we will be working on basic defence moves, and some new flips." Skipper began, his eyes on the two young penguins. "Also we are going to learn some moves that are useful underwater." He explained. Emma grinned, and looked towards the shimmering water.

"What moves are we doing?" Ashley asked, looking ecstatic. He was practically buzzing.

"I'll montrer you." Skipper replied, and showed the penguins, some basic blocking moves, and ordering the team to do the same. Emma got a bit bored par this, since...
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posted by Tressa-pom
When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a cage, which had a little window on it’s door. She was scared. She tried to push the door. It didn’t work. A human came and looked in the cage from the little window. He a dit something in humans’ language but Amy couldn’t understand. She tried to hide. Then human opened her cage and took her before she escaped. The room was dark and very hot. She missed her accueil and Antarctica’s coldness. ”Where am I?” she thought. “Why am I here?”

-1 heure later-

Somone took her to other room. There was many cages. Then she was put in another...
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posted by kowalskirocks14
Name: amber
Gender: female
Eye color: light green
Species: penguin
Height: about as tall as kowalski
Weight: that's kindof and impolite question!
DoB: November 9, 1986
DoC: November 9, 2008
Looks: feminine figured (not busty). Skinny-ish. Ponytail always to the left, with a tip dyed blood red. Bangs cover most of her face, except for her beak and right eye.
Backstory: was born into an orphanage, and grew up wih her best friends, kowalski and private. After a long time stranded in a jungle, had a battle with blowhole, blah, blah, blah, got transferred to central park, lala lala la.
In a relationship with: kowalski
Fav music: rap
Fav band: evenescence
Fav song: swimming accueil (evenescence)
Gifted at: science and math
Talents/hobbies: singing, drawing, writing
Fav color: black
Fav genre: horror
Fav book: stone child
Fav movie: the walking dead
PoO: shreive port, LA
Family: brother sister, and parents
BFF: none
posted by kowalskirocks14
chapter seventeen: (no plus POV'S)
rune and sine ran after sophie. the three had been playing tigether the whole day.

inside the penguins had called CC, amber, macie, jade, bandit and mech-skipper to a meeting.
"i just dont get it," kowalski complained.
"what?" CC asked, "the fact that ghosts eren't real, but hee we are fighting ghosts in a haunted house?" she snapped, looked meanly at amber.
"hey, dont blame me, i had two choices. here, ou Disney land," amber sat back in her chair.
"i would have much rathered Disney land than this!" bndit complained.
"calm down," skipper ordered, "im sure macie has...
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posted by kowalskirocks14
Chapter 10: kaitlyn's POV
Caw! Caw! the stupid raven awoke me and Marlene. It was a beautiful morning, nonetheless. I walked across the room and knocked on the door, "hey, yeah, toi two, bad news: it's morning." I called. Jade answered the door. "I know it's morning, the raven too us already!" she yelled at me. Marlene walked over, "Someone's angry." she nodded toward jade. Well who wouldn't be angry? A raven just took sweet, sweet sleep away from you.
Bandit joined the party at last. She looked like she didn't sleep much. She must have seen our faces because she explained a little, "I saw...
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posted by stlouisfan
The suivant few hours for Dave were worse than being stuck in the crate. At least in the caisse he was just uncomfortable. Now in the vet's office he was uncomfortable and going through pain. Not only did Dave require a couple of shots, but the vet also needed to extract blood from him. He also needed a check-up to make sure he was healthy. And to haut, retour au début everything off Dave was quite sure that the vet was a little sadistic. After everything was done, Alice placed Dave into a pet carrier and carried him off to the loutre habitat.

It was late afternoon and the crowds had gone accueil for the day. At least...
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posted by 1Amberpet
Name: Jenica Alica Whitner

Birthday: 3/19/1988

Species: Unknown

Afflations: Chad, Kiriah

Favorite Color: Hot rose

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Home: Unknown

Hobby: drawing, fighting, singing, acting, jumping rope, running, writing, and hunting.

Brother and sister: None

Mom and dad: Unkown

Jenica is Kiriah's cousin. Nobody ever knew who she was ou where she came from but Kiriah treated her as a mother most of her life. Jenica was about 27 when she started taking care of the Whitner Trio, but soon over the years aged into a great, tremendous, fearless mother/leader. It was hard letting the tripletes go...
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posted by Cool_is_Gwen
Name: Jammerama "Jam" Joop Johns
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Singer, songwriter
Jam was born in Moscow, Russia. He stayed in Moscow for 6 years. par the time he was 5, he still didn't know anyone. He forgot the language. When he turned 7, he fell into a river and floated away to Antarctica. He was 8 par the time he got to Antarctica, and he was playing outside while he saw a manchot, pingouin named Trammp. They became great Friends and Trammp's family let confiture live with them. When Trammp turned 10, he made a plane and he went back to his home, Moscow. He met a strange manchot, pingouin there, who seemed familiar....
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posted by Veki-san
—I see, toi like to play rough, don´t you? —she a dit with a sinister voice while Rico began to run toward her. —So, let´s play! —she a dit while she took the three knifes and she started to make juggling with them, that stopped the penguin, who looked surprised and a little confuse the actions for the female lemur, but suddenly she threw the three knives to him, Rico immediately crouch, when he did that Katherine jumped over the manchot, pingouin and stood behind him.

—And that confirms that she really came from a circus…—Kowalski whispered almost breathless, while Rico turned around to...
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Here's the link for chapter 1: link

Two years later…

Skipper opened his eyes. It was early in the morning and his teammates were still asleep. He sat on the edge of his bunk and looked at the clock. 5 am. He quietly got out of his bunk and decided not to wake the others up yet. He took his coffee mug and climbed up a ladder. The new jour greeted him with bright sunbeams of the rising sun, fresh morning breeze and sough of a pond in Central Park.

Seemed to be a suivant normal day… but it wasn’t so ordinary.

It was jour of the Fallen. The jour created par military...
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posted by _Lexii23_
Ok so I was lire over the profil I posté when I first came on here and I sounded like a Mary-Sue. So I decided to update it now since I grew up a little bit!! XD

Name: Lexii

Gender: female

Age: 23 (irl I'm 14)

Birthday: April 23rd

Description: a pure white ring-tailed maki, lémurien with gray paws and nose. Straight bangs that go across the left side of my face and cover half of my eye, baby blue streak down the middle, never cut evenly at the end. Blue eyes (same color as the streak in my hair) with long eyelashes. Big-ish ears. A long tail with about 7 light grey stripes. Fluffy, feminine figured...
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posted by 67Dodge
The party was every definition of the word enormous. From the portion sizes of the nourriture there, to the building housing the party itself. The building itself was a castellated Casino, with perfectly straight hallways that stretched into nearly infinity both upward and forward. Through the lone gate in the front of the casino sat the first room, a parlor where guests were accommodated and accounted for, lounge seats and ottomans strewn about the area, with the rusted glow of the setting sun through blue slanted windows of ivory slats, and a chandelier of deep sapphire illuminating the interior,...
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posted by sowem
The villian's scenes will take place at his lair at an unknown location. He will also be anonymous.

The story:
Private: Good morning!
Gallis and Lucile: Good morning!
Private: What did toi dream last night?
Gallis: I dreamed that I saved Leaellynasaura from extinction, they were so cute. It broke my cœur, coeur to think of them going extinct.
Lucile: I dreamed that all of us were exploring the Triassic dessert, with a jeep, big bottles of water, binoculars, a camera and lots of preserved fish.
Private: I dreamed of Lunacorns.

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Tom woke up.

Ashley: Good morning!
Private, Lucile and...
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"You need to talk to him, it's all toi can do Skippah, how would toi feel if someone were to be that rude to your ethnic background?" asked Private.

"I won't talk to him. Period. He's done plus harm than good these past 2 days and I felt that he needed to be put in his place," Skipper crossed his flippers disapprovingly.

"Talk to him!!" Private frowned.

"NO!!! I REFUSE!!!"

"Skipper, I advise that toi should talk to him, immediately, otherwise he'll be trapped in his thoughts, and hate you, then consequently hate the zoo, can toi imagine him joining the other villains on our list?" asked Kowalski....
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The heure afterwards, I went off with these penguins to see the zoo in it's entirety. Skipper the Skipper (Woah, ego trip there. O.e) advised that we start at the main gate to get this tour through. So instead of heading there on foot, they led me towards the inside of their Habitat. Climbing down, I saw that their accueil life was pretty simple and rugged: Ugh, barbaric dwellings, my foot tabouret has better style than anything in here. All I saw inside was solid concrete, and only one window that only gave toi an underwater view, it would be nice, if it had poisson SWIMMING IN IT!!! Then again, this...
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Jane Rizzoli spotted a man step out of a taxi and nearly walk into a woman rolling a baby carriage.
The man caught her staring so she turned away.

"Jane?" asked Maura, jarring her out of thoughts.
"Wha-? oh, sorry, Maura, I was thinking."
"About that cute man who stepped out of the cab?"
"No! And don't toi think, Maura, that after your LAST boyfriend, you'd be a bit plus careful about who toi think is cute? What does he have in TWO suitcases? Severed body parts?"
" Ha! I'm careful!"
"Like toi were careful about the psycho who gave toi a severed hand encased in plaster?"
"Good point."
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posted by Tressa-pom
Campfire Part 4

Scene 1- Camp Evening

Amber, Dina, Mya and Catherina were gossiping while Leo was still working. There was one un-pitched tent left. Suddenly they heard a scream. All of them ran the place which scream came from. They saw MS, Monique and Nia were running from wolves. Leo whispered something to girls then they climbed tree. They started to throw stones they had collect to wolves. The loups stopped chasing and ran away. All of them are exhausted. They thanked Amber’s team.

MS: We didn’t take the woods, could toi help us to carry them?
Amber: Of course we will help you. *looks...
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Dawn rose as the sun creeped over the horizon in the Central Park Zoo, the birds were whistling a merry tune, and the smell of freshly baked pretzels was in the air.

In the manchot, pingouin habitat Kowalski opened his eyes slowly, the sound of the Tv beating in his earholes. He got out of his bunk groggily and shuffled over to his teammates. Private was parked in front of the Tv watching his favourite show, and Skipper and Rico were playing cards at the cinder block table. Kowalski noticed the trademark poisson coffee in Skipper flipper.

"Morning." Kowalski manged through a yawn.

"Finally up I see soldier."...
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