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prévisualiser of what I'll be Doing suivant an on Fanpop's Got Talent

good luck everone: no good deed paformed par me

Fanpop's got talent!

fanpop got talent audtion

Sing- rejoindre FGT's chant Comp

Lego Plane Go Boom !!!! 16

lalaland123754's Entry 2012

high five for stupidty

Dearheart's Entry 2011

hanababey's entry 2011

shieldmaiden's Entry 2011

twilightalice's Entry 2011

Acrobatic par ArthurHD

"Fanpop"^ ^;...

ariel306842 FGT 2011 entry

My Michael Jackson Pictures i drew FGT 2011

me chant

alismouha's entry 2011

Cute20k's Entry 2011

Never Can Say Goodbye Jackson5 Me chant 2011

We Are The world - Michael Jackson (Cover) entry 2011

Selena-Dreaming Of toi Me chant

me chant arms of the anges

BeanieSparrow's FGT 2011 entry: POTC4 tribute video

fgt 2011 max coolen chant "Cooler Than Me" & "Fuck You"

Ashleigh23's FGT 2011 entry

Alphawolfxk9'sEntry 2011

Thespikedturtle's Entry 2011

Margooterd's FGT Entry 2011

nany1eu's FGT Entry 2011

kiddygirl98's FGT Entry 2011 :)

alphawolfxk9's entry fgt 2010

Cute20k's Entry 2010

Shieldmaiden's Entry 2010

Cinders' Entry for Fanpop's Got Talent 2010

Paramore-CSI's FGT 2010 Entry!!!

Unsure of who to vote for?

harold's FGT entry 2009

heeeresjoyce's FGT entry 2009

khfan12's entry

Shieldmaiden's FGT Entry

TFW's entry

FGT 2009: Cinders' Got Nothin'

toi think you're talentless?

Fanpops got talent 2009: Oblix's entry

Tushtush's FGT 2009 Entry: 'The fanpop Journey'

FashionVictim chant "Chamar a Musica"

Fanpop's Got Talent 2009

Outtakes from my FGT 2008 entry

plus amazondebs idiotic bloopers

Unsure of who to vote for?

harold's entry, Fanpop's Got Talent 2008

Alexmcneice's Fanpop's Got Talent Entry

a reminder & amazondebs' "talent"

Temptasia's Talent for 2008: chant and Slideshow

Temptasia's MOCK talent 2008: Pterodactyl Impression

Bloopers for Cinders' Entry: NOT AN ENTRY JUST FOR FUN

Cinders' Entry for 2008: Cinders Explains Othello

dramallama56's submission

Knifewrench's eyes

Heroesfan4eva's Entry

TheLostBrotha's Entry

Papa's Entry (Fanpop's Got Talent 2008)

shieldmaiden's Entry

Fanpop's Got Talent Trailer

picking the judges