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le choix des fans: Earthland
le choix des fans: Natsu x Gray
le choix des fans: l’amour her
l’ amour her
like her
le choix des fans: Gray Fullbuster
le choix des fans: loki/leo the lion
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Fairy Tail mur

lucedragneel a dit …
US FAIRYTAIL fans REALLY NEED TO GET FAIYTAIL BACK TOGETHER!! WE NEED plus POSTS!!! PLEASE HELP ME IN GETTING FAIRYTAIL UP AND RUNNING AGAIN! ( Gosh, im starting to remember that episode when they came back to ft XD as im écriture this) posté il y a 13 jours
heartfilialucy commenté…
Fairy Tail does need plus posts. il y a 13 jours
lucedragneel a dit …
Guy' s I want to hear from you! What are your Fairytail ships? Write them in the commentaires below! (No hate please!) posté il y a 13 jours
heartfilialucy commenté…
Lucy and Loke is a good ship. il y a 13 jours
lucedragneel commenté…
your a lolu fan? Me im a Nalu :D il y a 13 jours
xFairyTailFam a dit …
Pool F: link

Pool G: link

Pool H: link

votes close on September 5, 2017! So please vote quickly! <3 posté il y a 2 mois