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posted by KagamiSakura
"What?" Vlad stared at Danny in disbelief. "Ho-"

"Jazz a dit that the car sped out of control. That's all I know. I don't know when, I don't know where. Now stop asking me questions." Danny muttered. He began to stand up to go clean his dishes, but Vlad stopped him.

"I will handle this. toi look like toi haven't slept for weeks, and knowing how ghost hunting usually keeps toi up every night, toi probably haven't slept in a month."

Danny looked up at the older halfa. "I don't w-"

"You WILL rest, Daniel. There is no argument." Vlad's duplicate said, grabbing Danny par the arm. He brought the young...
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posted by KagamiSakura
It has been two weeks since the death of Danny's family. He was sitting on couch, staring at the tv. The only thing on was static. None of the lights were on, and the entire house was ice cold. It's been like this since he gotten accueil from the hospital. He was thin and frail. He hadn't eaten. Nor did he sleep. He was very pale as well. He looked like a living corpse. All of his senses were numb.

Someone knocked on the door. He didn't answer. The knocker opened the door. It turned out to be Vlad Masters. Danny didn't déplacer ou acknowledge him. He continued staring at the static on the tv. Vlad...
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posted by KagamiSakura
"No... Let me go! What are you?! Leave me alone!" Danny woke up from a terrible nightmare. He looked around. He was in the street. He struggled to stand up. He groaned. His body was in pain. He remembered the fight. "What did Fright Night do to me?" He asked himself. He checked his watch. It was three in the morning. "Shit." He covered his mouth. "Wait, did I just swear?!" He looked down at himself. "Well, looks like nothing happened to me besides bruises from the fight. But just in case, I should go accueil and rest." He transformed and flew home. There was still no one there. He frowned. "Where...
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posted by KagamiSakura
Danny was on his way home, worried about whether ou not he would get accueil on time. It had been months since everyone, other than Danny, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker, forgotten that Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom and that Vlad Masters was Vlad Plasmius. And that meant that Danny was back to his ten o'clock curfew. Danny was really tired from his long jour at school and from fighting Ember and Technus.

Danny looked at his watch. "Crap. Looks like another lecture." But when he got home, his parents weren't at the door waiting for him to arrive. "Probably in the lab." He went downstairs to the lab. His...
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posted by Saiha12
 Danny Evil Phantom
Danny Evil Phantom
Danny Phantom fanfiction ( April Fool)
by SAIHA12, 3 hours, 22 minutes ago
Journals / Personal
I was in my room staring my self in the mirror then i feel something pass through my window, I glance toward the window but see nothing then turn back look at in the mirror and gasp in horror. Danny stood behind me across my bed.
"Danny! do toi scare me like that" I yell at him but i saw just smirk on his face. Why he's smirking like that?
"Danny why_What are toi doing here at this time? Its..." I lean to look at my watch and it a dit "......12:05" I complete my sentence.
"I'm here for your...
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Yeah! Ohh-ooohhh!

It was, it was September
Wind blows, the dead leaves fall
To you, I did surrender
Two weeks, toi didn't call

Your life goes on without me
My life, a losing game
But toi should,
toi should not doubt me!
toi will remember my name

Oh, Ember, toi will remember!
Ember, one thing remains!
Oh, Ember, so warm and tender!
toi will remember my name!

Yor heart, your cœur, coeur abandoned
Your wall, now perishing
Like dead trees in cold December...
Nothing, but ashes remain

Oh, Ember, toi will remember!
Ember, one thing remains!
Ember, so warm and tender...!
toi will remember my name!

toi will remember!
Ember, one thing remains!

Ai, Ember!
So warm and tender!
toi will remember my name!

Yeah, toi will remember my name...!
posted by dannphan29
This is a article about one TV montrer that some people liked. Nick doesn't leave shows on. EX: catscratch, wayside, eltigre, ou cat and dog. SOME of those shows were pretty darn good! Now Nick is making the MOST crapy shows i have ever seen! First of all, spongebob has got to go. Spongebob is SO annoying! At first it was funny, but they kept montrer it so now i don't like it. I wouldn't mind not having to wake up at 6 in the morning on Saturday just to watch Danny Phantom. People, to win your cœur, coeur for Nick's behavior, i offer my heart.
posted by Hollestercutie
how did the ghosts on the the montrer become ghosts? did they all die? they must have because that is how toi would become a ghost. how did they die? why are they trying to hurt people? maybe because they where hurt. here is what i think happened to Ember...

Ember was a rock étoile, star on her way to being famous. she had a boyfriend that stood her up par not calling her for weeks. (if toi listen to the full leanth version of her song it tells toi that) she was so crushed she decided to commit suicide par burning down her house with her in it (giving her the name Ember and the line "nothing but ashes remain"...
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posted by cool55225cool
Okay so a few things to clear up here first Danny is a girl in this one toi will see way and Sam is a boy because Dani is a girl

"Dani, Dani get up " I heard my sister yell.

"What Jazz?!" I asked. I was not in the mood for anything today. Last night I fought the Box Ghost so many times a have Lost count and Scolker (I thank that's how toi spell his name sorry, Bros) 5 ou 6 times and Vlad he really got on my nerves a lot. To say I was mad was an understatement.

"My alarm didn't go off were going to be late if we don't hurry!" She yelled then started to shack me like a crazy person.

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Here are my fave signs to know if I'm obsessed. Trust me, I done most of these :DD
Anyway, enjoy!

1. Every time toi see your breath fog, toi think toi have a ghost sense.

2. You've ever tried to shoot ecto-blasts out of your hands.

3. You've gone looking for ghost portals.

4. toi want to dye your hair black.

5. toi know the theme song par heart.

6. toi cried when toi heard the montrer was being canceled;
7. toi know what an Ultra-recyclo vegetarian is.

8. It's not Eragon, it's Aragon.

9. You've check your virus scanner to see if it found Technus.

10. toi can't watch Men in Black without thinking of the Guys...
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posted by Ms_Dididy
Wats up,im sireoulsy thinking that I might make at least 11 chapters what do think?COMMENT.

Chapter 2~Murder

Stella's POV

I woke up again and went to wash up.Still,it was raining so I put on a sweater and dark jeans."Chelsy,come on im not waiting for."I warned."Im coming now hold on!"she yelled.She raced downstairs and grabbed an umbrella.I turned into Stellas and we flew to the school.

Chelsy's POV

I was pretty excited about flying with Stella.Sure seeing her fight is cool but this was cooler.I opened my umbrella and covered us up."Isnt this not fair to Danny,Sam,Tuck,and Jazz?"I asked."Nah,not...
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posted by Paparatzigirl
Hiiii!!!!This is my first time sharing fanfics about Danny Phantom on the web so be nice with the comments.plzzzzz!!Thankz!!

1~New Student

Danny Fenton you're going to be late for school,hurry up!!!yelled Maddie.For the past couple of days Danny has been getting up late for school.Maddie just suggested soo much homework lead to being sleepy.Im comeing down now.Danny yelled back.Mom why doesnt Jazz take me to school at least it will be a little less embarresing!he grumbled the last part.Well because her car was busted up par that ghost boy and when me and your father find him-.Will rip him molucule...
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Authors note I read this amazing fan-fiction and it inspired me to write a similar one here the link if toi like to read it. link
I don't own Danny Phantom, ou any of the characters I do own Alex though I made her up she is mine! Warning rated teen for violence, swearing and sex themes.

Alex's pov

That was close to fucking close! My mother was this close to finding out my secret! Now I know most think toi don't keep things from your parents. Well toi haven't met my mother! Frist off she hates me, I know what your thinking a mother can't hate her own child well it true she a dit it to my face!...
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posted by Ms_Dididy
Someone,anyone give me ideas for chapter4!!!!Im losing it today!Anyway pleaze read and if toi dont chats will follow you...till toi die......thnkz!

Chapter 3~Stupid,really stupid people.

Stellas's POV

I woke up from a loud yell."What was that?"I asked myself.I sat up and felt cold."Tile floor...bathroom."I thought.I got up and started creeping towards the door.Still being Stellas,I turned invisible and opened the door slightly.There was a living room,with a bunch of bière bottles and plates.Slobs.Then I turned visible and silently opened the door all the way and walked out."You stupid idoit wheres...
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posted by _Danny_Phantom_
 Danny a hero~!
Danny a hero~!
Attention Attention!
The Worlds Best montrer That Attracted So many amoureux is gone!! I was So Sad I Cried 4 Three whole darn days!! Sponge-bob is so annoying!!!!!!!! It is not one bit better than Danny Phantom! We have to bring it back because we are All Americans and can fight for the same things! We have to live up to fighting he fought for us and we will fight for him.. I will never stop fighting till the jour I die! I can not only do this myself I need each and every Danny Phantom fan to help save Danny, we have to start a a fight for Danny! Do anything small ou big it doesnt matter, all we have to do is one thing! We have to fight together. Who's with me???? Huh. Use ur voice to get what u want! we need sometihng to figure this thing out.
Let's Fight!
posted by Ms_Dididy
Hi!Its been a while since i last wrote busy with school and all but,this is kinda a sequel to ''Your not the only one''series.Warning:You wont really understand this if toi dont read your not the only on series so read it!!tah.tah

Chapter 1-Dreams

"Stella,can toi hear me?Stella looked and scaned her surrondings.It was dark and foggy,near par a lake was still."Stella please answer me!"a voice yelled.Stella tried yelling back but she could'nt.Then she heard a blood curdling scream near the lake.She ran towards the lake and looked around."Stella help!!!"screamed the voice.Stella looked closer in the lake then someone pushed her in.She tried swim to the haut, retour au début but something kept her down."Dont leave me please!!"yelled the voice.It was Chelsy her sister."Nooo!!!"Chelsy yelled.Stella sat up fron her lit panting and sweating.She hugged her legs and looked out the window.Rain.
posted by Paparatzigirl
salut sorry for chapter 1 being so cheesy.Chapter 2 will be better so reeeeeeaaaaaadddd!

2/Her home,her pain

Danny's POV

"Hi Im Chleo,Chleo Alferezz!"she introduced."Im Danny Fenton and I guess toi met my friends."I said."Oh them yes they're a funny group!"she exlcaimed.The school cloche, bell rang so all of us went in,some to class others to lockers."HEY FENTINA!!!"yelled Dash.I really wasnt in the mood for his mess but he did'nt really care much."Who's that idiot?"asked Chleo."T-thats Dash Baxter the quarter back for Casper high,also the bully too!"Tucker warned Chleo."Hey Fenturd Im practicing on pounding...
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posted by titanicdragon
toi wake up with everyone around you.

'Hi, what's up"

"Clear toi passed out" a dit Tucker

"Did I oh well need to get some rest anyway call me if toi need me"

"You should stay here'' a dit Dani

"Thank you"

"I don't think so'" a dit Vald

"You might be family, but toi aren't my caretaker, I can take care of myself.


you slam the bathroom door


You turn on the water and undress realiving your tatoos.(Yes, toi are a fledgling) toi were marked lasted an and the creasent moon on your head has filled in and two dragons are on each arm.

"Nxy I'm so lost"

"My daughter"

"Nxy what am I to do?''

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posted by titanicdragon

"Well, the school had vampires and there is plus then one type of vampire"


"4 I believe"


"Oh my god toi are a half ghost and fight ghost all the time and yet hearing vampires are real has silence you?"

"Well tells then!" yelled Sam

"That’s better, well one vamp is mortal and can control the elements (Vampire Acamedey) seconde there is the half vamps...

"Wait half vamps? Like half human half vampire" asked Dani

"That is right then the sparkly kind (Sorry for those of u who hate Twilight, but I thought I just added it though I think it wrong) and the dark vampires the sparkly and the...
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posted by Ms_Dididy
What's up!!!Ms_Dididy here with a new article.Read it!! l’amour it!! Whatever!!!

Chapter 1*Dark Ghost

"Run!Run for your life!!"a women yelled.Many people in Amity Park were doing that same thing because two ghost were fighting.One was Danny Phantom and the other was in a form of a boy but was all black."Give up Phantom toi don't have a chance!"The black form growled."You should rethink that."Danny a dit confident.Then Danny shot a freezing blast at the black form stiffing it in ice."You're on ice now!"Danny snapped."You're horrible at puns Danny toi really are."Danny turned and saw his two best friends,Sam...
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