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Okay so I am an emotional mess right now so please forgive me if I have failed to organize my thoughts in a cognizant manner!
Ever since the jour when Elena n Damon both lay on his lit awaiting for death to take him over, Elena giving a tender goodbye Kiss and confessing that she likes him just way he is, have I waited for the three magic words. And today my cœur, coeur attained content and peace.

Elena (4x10): ‘I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. I slept with Damon because I am in l’amour with him. Being with Damon makes me happy. Its unpredictable, I feel free.’

Elena is an extremely...
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Elena POV.

Another morning and another entry in my diary of how my life has been so miserable after the death of my parents. Give and take the worries on the well-being of my little brother Jeremy.
I fear he Lost his body and self-control when we Lost our family. I see him every afternoon with Vicki, she's nothing like Matt, and I know why she is here, drugging, banging and then leaving..Sure thats proberly another a dozen pills on his list, killing him, I see his loves her, in his sober state that is.
But it's the first jour back to school,...
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Klaus compelled Stefan to feed on Elena once the clock was on zero. When the clock was on zero, Stefan stabbed himself, to slow himself down, to give Elena a fair chance to run. It was a noble, and selfless act, but it was not resisting compulsion. When Klaus compelled Stefan to turn off his emotions, and to feed from Elena, Stefan did. He DID turn off his emotions, and he DID feed from Elena.

Damon allowed, ORDERED Jeremy to kill him when he was compelled to kill him. He’d rather sacrifice his own life, instead of taking Jeremy’s, because he knows how much Jeremy means to Elena.

So, Stelena shippers who believe Stefan loves Elena more, because of their stupid ‘compulsion theory’, can shove that theory right up their ass, because it’s a load of crap!
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