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cassie newton was the character in helpless who could see the future and knew she was going to die, the scoobies found some of her poetry on a website. The website was actually a real website the writers set up with artwork and poetry and details about cassie, sadly due to the amount of fans visiting and the writers abandoning it, this one roling poem and image of what i presume is a younger cassie is all that is left, the details for the admin user were

Admin Name……….. Cassie Newton
Admin Address…….. 13 Shadow Lane
Admin Address……..
Admin Address…….. Sunnydale
Admin Address…….. 94086
Admin Address…….. CA
Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES
Admin Email……….
Admin Phone………. 666-442-8363

i think the only other poem of cassies we hear is the one form the episode help which goes;

The sheets above me
cool my skin
like dirt
on a mad woman's grave
I rise into
the moonlight white
and watch
the mirror stare
Pale fish looks
back at me
Pale fish that will
never swim
My skin is milk
for no man to drink
My thighs unused
This body is
not ready yet
But dirt waits for no
and coins will
buy no time
I hear the chatter
of the bugs. It's they alone
will feast.
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good find!
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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just wish it still had all the other stuff on it, oh well hopefully the remains of it will last a bit longer before geocities takes it all down lol
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natrac said:
The episode was help not helpless
posted il y a plus d’un an.