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This is a fic about Blair losing her virginity to chuck rather than her boyfriend Nate, who she had always dreamt and planned on losing it to. This is a post-Victor-Victrola story. Unlike other fics about this storyline it focuses on Blair's feelings about herself, Nate and Chuck too. It is still a Chuck/Blair story. Its mainly Blair feeling confident and proud that she gets to have a happy moment without her cheating, never-there boyfriend and how someone else (chuck) was there for her and made her feel worthy and it has made her realise that she is worth it and doesn't need to...
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Like most Chair shippers, I'm totally rooting for a little Baby basse, bass running all around the Upper East Side. But unfortunately, the Gossip Girl writers have not been very attentive to our Chair shipping needs as of late. Although it's been confirmed that Dorota is NOT our mystery preggo lady, we still don't know who will be sporting a baby bump come September 26th (stylishly, of course). So, we have two options. Pass the 29 days we still have left until the GG season premiere binging on Chair-heavy episodes, ou start making speculations as to who will become a mommy in less than 9 months. I...
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