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le choix des fans: Karma Akabane
le choix des fans: No way! Is that even possible? Confusing!
No way! Is that even possibl- e?...
le choix des fans: haut, retour au début 5
le choix des fans: Episode 3
le choix des fans: Karasuma x Irina
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Soranaru a dit …
I think I'll just go ahead and rewatch the entire series. To laugh, to cry, to experience the joy of being part of Class 3-E posté il y a plus d’un an
PureHeroine a dit …
"Whether a poisson lives in a clear stream ou a water ditch, so long as it continues swimming forward, it will grow up beautifully" ~ Koro-sensei. posté il y a plus d’un an
candylover246 commenté…
11/10 quote 👌👏 il y a plus d’un an
PureHeroine a dit …
That's it, I finished the series and i'm crying my eyes out. I feel like I have a couteau stuck in my heart. T__T
I l’amour and hate bittersweet endings at the same time. *Sobs*
Good-bye Koro-sensei. Class 3-E, everyone ;-;
To me Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is one of the best anime/manga ever created. </3 posté il y a plus d’un an
candylover246 commenté…
I know!! It's soo sad! ;_; Let us cry together.. 😭 il y a plus d’un an
PureHeroine commenté…
Let's ! T__T il y a plus d’un an
candylover246 commenté…
Good idea~ I'll cry on yours and you'll cry on mine. ;-; il y a plus d’un an