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Article by fayerox16 posted il y a plus d’un an
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ok,so i picked up some rumors about étoile, star Wars. i can tell toi that they are not true.
NO Lucas is NOT making new films based off of Han and Lea's children.
No Hayden Christensin is NOT gay...he's married unfortunaltely.
no qui-gon Ginn's actor is NOT dead, his wife is.
Yoda is a puppet in the older movies...not a doll.
Off set of attack of the clones, padme and anakin did NOT kiss.
No, the livres that OTHER authors wrote are not true.
YES, i looked all this stuff up on official websites and did some digging.
if toi want ANYTHING answered, i'm willing to find out info and get back to you.
Opinion by jedigal1990 posted il y a plus d’un an
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hello all i was browsing the picks when i came across fireworks123's pick about who anakin had the best realtionship with and i found it so interesting at first i thought it would be a no brainer but looking at the choices i saw that each and everyone of them really shaped anakin in who he was and things he did so i decided to write an article exploiring his relationships and their importance.
First i will start with Quigon, obviously this relationship is important. If it wasn't for Qui-gon Anakin would have never been a jedi. It was quigon who found anakin and freed him and brought him to the council. plus importantly it was Qui-gon who was so passionate in his belief that Anakin was the chosen one that he was willing to defy the council to have him trained. If Quigon had not felt so passionatly about training him and if his last words to obiwan were not train the boy then i seriously doubt that anakin would have been trained. Knowing obiwan he would not have defied the council and argued with yoda had he not felt that his master felt so strongly about it.