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le choix des fans: Petite
le choix des fans: Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere
Kate Higgins
le choix des fans: Alpha et Oméga
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Justin Long
It should have only been...
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HumphreyWolfMan a dit …
I don't remember if I a dit this, but I think we need a proper blocking system. In this new system, when someone is blocked, it would prevent that someone from commenting on the blocker's content. Like many websites do. And we would have a rule prohibiting anyone who's blocked from mentioning the person's name in a place like this, and the other way around too. This might actually lower drama a lot. posté il y a 4 jours
Kishin_Kira commenté…
I think sites like DA, Fanpop, and Twitter should adopt a blocking system similar to that of facebook. Where toi block somebody they cant see you/you can't see them. Make it almost as if that person does not exist on that site. Would make things a lot easier il y a 4 jours
QueenWhiskey commenté…
Definitely! Then I Wouldn't Have To See commentaires From That Sick Whiny Bitch. il y a 3 jours
HumphreyWolfMan commenté…
I guess one problem is that someone who blocks may make bad public posts about someone, which in one case I think the person should be able to see it and rapporter it if needed. I remember experiencing this issue with DA's outdated "user can't see blocked and blocker" system. il y a 3 jours
Kishin_Kira a dit …
Kate's level of intelligence:

Winston: THERE IS ONLY ONE THING WORSE THAN A RAPIST! *removes covering to reveal the world Child above Rapist making it CHILD RAPIST*

Kate: A CHILD!

Winston: ... posté il y a 7 jours
SentinelPrime89 commenté…
Well judging from the three kids they raised, is she really wrong? MDR il y a 6 jours
HyenasRAwesome commenté…
That's so true, and YES A BRANDON ROGERS fan il y a 4 jours
TimberHumphrey a dit …
salut Bob, i got a question for you:

Foodfight and the cygne Princess sequels? posté il y a 7 jours