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le choix des fans: western pack
le choix des fans: Alpha and Omega Sequels
Alpha and Omega Sequels
Disney Sequels
le choix des fans: Kate
le choix des fans: Sometimes
le choix des fans: Romance
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TimberHumphrey a dit …
how i rank the Bayformers films (note: this is just my take on these movies):
1) Transformers
2) Dark of the Moon
3) Age of Extinction/The Last Knight (it's a tie for me)
4) Revenge of the Fallen posté il y a 21 heures
SentinelPrime89 a dit …
There wasn't even any effort with the loup howls in A&O 8. Felt plus like recycled sound footage. The original movie probably did the same thing but at least it sounded plus authentic whenever a loup actually howled, when they weren't howl chant anyway. posté il y a 1 jour
QueenWhiskey commenté…
Thats All It Was For All Of The Sequels. Reused Sound & Effects il y a 23 heures
TimberHumphrey commenté…
those were definitely recycled sound effects il y a 23 heures
QueenWhiskey a dit …
salut Y'all posté il y a 1 jour
ben15delas commenté…
And who might toi be? il y a 1 jour
QueenWhiskey commenté…
Check profil information. Your learn a little bit about me il y a 1 jour
QueenWhiskey commenté…
Thank You. il y a 23 heures