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TheRadLilly a dit …
Yikes I totally forgot about this place MDR posté il y a 4 heures
TimberHumphrey a dit …
so i got a chance to see The Nut Job 2 while i was in London. surprise surprise, it was shit! but it was a little better than the first one, tbh posté il y a 18 heures
Chidori1334 commenté…
I was wondering what happened to toi on your absent, but I knew it was gonna suck il y a 12 heures
TimberHumphrey commenté…
yeah, i was in Londres for the first time, and my time there was amazing il y a 6 heures
Chidori1334 commenté…
Awesome well welcome back il y a 5 heures
Chidori1334 commenté…
toi missed out plenty posts I made here even in the mur il y a 2 heures
Angelpup101 a dit …
I bet the montrer is just gonna focus on the pups and their Friends maybe just maybe they won't screw it up. posté il y a 1 jour
Chidori1334 commenté…
I'm thinking maybe a midquel before the sequels even started before the pups were born il y a 21 heures
QueenWhiskey commenté…
Y'all do know that its not happening at all right? No tv shows il y a 20 heures