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le choix des fans: Finn
le choix des fans: Finn and FP
le choix des fans: Would he leave Fp forever ?
Still be amoureux with FP but...
le choix des fans: Don't let the water touch me!
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YT-Tomboy89 a dit …
im happy as hell posté il y a 4 mois
DerpThatHerp commenté…
This man happy as hell what is this il y a 3 mois
emerald_32 a dit …
y'all i finally set up the shitty discord server sooo https://discord.gg/5VAXtce posté il y a 6 mois
emerald_32 commenté…
please rejoindre me i am so alone il y a 6 mois
DerpThatHerp commenté…
i did and the first message was about toi being gay il y a 6 mois
IsabellaFanboy commenté…
everybody is offline except derp n me smh il y a 5 mois
IsabellaFanboy commenté…
90% of the time il y a 5 mois
DerpThatHerp a dit …
Just because this place is dead and i can say this

I joined this site today 4 years ago. Bow down peasants.

(except like half of this place) posté il y a 8 mois
IsabellaFanboy commenté…
hello il y a 6 mois
IsabellaFanboy commenté…
ive been here for 6 years hbt? newb il y a 6 mois
DerpThatHerp commenté…
Wtf smh il y a 6 mois