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le choix des fans: Rolling in the Deep (21 Album)
le choix des fans: 21
le choix des fans: Rolling in the Deep
le choix des fans: Someone Like toi
le choix des fans: 21
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Gridman a dit …
I am a musician/singer that is so inspired par you. toi have the ability to immediately immerse yourself into whatever song toi are chant and BECOME the song. toi are truly amazing and I l’amour you, and respect toi endlessly! posté il y a 3 mois
jj71 a dit …
I think toi shoud all look at nicole sherzingers Facebook page under humanatarian jour commentaires i think the saviour is here and his talking to nicole, my god i cant believe it, i dont think she knows posté il y a 6 mois
Makeupdiva commenté…
Again what does this have to do with Adele? il y a 19 jours
giggles2362 a dit …
I am 51% British and that is why I think I connect with your musique it is like comfort nourriture to my soul posté il y a 8 mois