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Michael Jackson

What kind of relationship was MJ into? What kind of girl/Type? What age?

3 answers | my answer: I think Michael would look for the following in a g...
Michael Jackson

I really need toi guys right now

16 answers | my answer: Awww... get better soon! Our Michael is watching ov...
Michael Jackson

wat mj song do u luv?

12 answers | my answer: Oooh, yes it is very difficult cuz all of them are...
Michael Jackson

i need some sexy rare pics!

5 answers | my answer: Probably not so rare... but sexy nonetheless :D
Michael Jackson

Do any MJ perfumes exist? If toi lovely MJ fans know of any out there then link ou say were toi can get it from, thanks xx

1 answer | my answer: This is the one I could find, although it is very e...