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Harry Potter

if u could only bring back 5 characters back to life,who would pick??

47 answers | my answer: 1.Fred Weasley 2.Tonks 3.Remus 4.Sirius 5.Hedwi...
Harry Potter

Did toi know that after growing up Harry was often called to Hogwarts to give guest lectures in Defence Against Dark Arts?

7 answers | my answer: I knew before when i was on his page on the hp wiki...
Harry Potter

if their is battle between bellatrix and dolores umbridge who will win???

11 answers | my answer: Bellatix WAIT y Bellatrix i have no idea y that...
Harry Potter

Why dont people like Ginny that much?

11 answers | my answer: I have no idea. I also don't know why people think...
Harry Potter

What's your Harry Potter sentence?

82 answers | my answer: I played a prank on Bellatrix because I was high on...
Ronald Weasley


2 answers | my answer: Yeah. It is outraging. Has he read the livres ou see...
Avatar, La Légende de Korra

Who thinks that Korra shouldve been plus sensitive to Asami's feelings about Mako? like she just broke up with him because of Korra and than she just goes and dates him.... to me thats a TERRIBLE friend......

18 answers | my answer: I agree completely
Primrose Everdeen

Decribe Prim's Final secondes on earth before she died.Usuing only 10 words.

10 answers | my answer: My bff a dit this: What is she doing in the middle o...
Molly Weasley vs Esme Cullen

Why is one Better? :)

6 answers | my answer: Molly. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, Wh...
Fleur Delacour Vs. Rosalie Hale

who do toi think is better looking?

14 answers | my answer: Well, I haven't read the Twilight books, but probab...