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barbieboonchit à dit à propos de les films Barbie
i think Mattle should let go with Dreamhouse Adventure and do some new project!
it's disappointed me even Princess Adventure will absolutely be Dreamhouse Adventure special.
I think they sick of doing movie , so just created new series instead.
i l’amour the show. but it's bored to see the same show. posté il y a 6 jours
barbieboonchit à dit à propos de les films Barbie
Barbie dream House adventure go team Robert season 2 is on Netflix toi guys!!!! posté il y a 4 mois
axinia_d commenté…
Hopefully someone will mettre en ligne it :) il y a 4 mois
barbieboonchit commenté…
Yeah il y a 4 mois
barbieboonchit à dit à propos de les films Barbie
So I have been watching Go Team Robert and it is obviously that they have divided magical mermaid mystery into 5 episodes in Go Team Robert.

And it is upset me why did they make magical mermaid mystery as a long-special ep in the first place? and it even lunched in some countries.
If they tend to separate it into 5 ep why would they make it make us feel like it will be new movie.
They even make a poster for magical mermaid mystery.
I am upset Mattle marketing strategy posté il y a 9 mois
axinia_d commenté…
100% agree. il y a 8 mois
Candywitch commenté…
Season 4 was supposed to be different because it has story arcs. il y a 8 mois
Lifeisafairytal commenté…
Story arcs? il y a 8 mois