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TheSpartan9000 à dit à propos de Adventure Time
Why am I posting this? Is it to say I am back? Am I bored (most likely the case for about everything i do). Anyways, what has happened to this club recently just curious? posté il y a plus d’un an
metrolight commenté…
First question, were toi here before *ahem* certain "popular/well-known" users were here? If yes then it has gotten bad. If not then it's still the same. il y a plus d’un an
True-Finn-Fan commenté…
^my question remains unanswered... and the "we don't shove Bubbline down that throat of yours if toi don't attack it first" is a lie. I told everyone IN ADVANCE that i didn't want to see any bubbline and that "posting bubbline will only cause problems here..." when i first arrived, i even a dit it in a nice way... and you're the one being disrespectful! calling me a bitch, not to mention all those other things you've called me and Antagonizer over the last week ou so... I don't insult people like that EVER... i insult a made-up, cartoon ship... that's no where near as disrespectful as calling someone a bitch... and what do toi REALLY know about what happened on tumblr huh? besides that it has something to do with me and bubbliners... il y a plus d’un an
dadadas commenté…
Look, we can go on insulting each other but does it gonna solve the strong disagreements that we are having right now? Do toi think that putting all the blame on us would make people agree with you? Do toi think insulting would lead to a solution for strong disagreements ou just temporarily personal satisfaction? Disagreements will always be disagreements, can't force people to be like "respect" it all the time, they have their reasons for not respecting it and we even have our rightful reasons to say bad but true fact about fandoms. If toi respect the guy who said: "you don't like it, ignore it", why can't toi do the same as him? il y a plus d’un an
TheSpartan9000 à dit à propos de Adventure Time
Anyone miss me? (Aka unrelated at stuff) posté il y a plus d’un an
astigpinoy commenté…
MDR wat il y a plus d’un an
True-Finn-Fan commenté…
sure... if i knew you. XD il y a plus d’un an
emerald_32 commenté…
'Sup! Glad you're back! ^_^ il y a plus d’un an
TheSpartan9000 à dit à propos de Pokémon
19k fans! W00t! posté il y a plus d’un an
meloblossom commenté…
Why, did u create this club? Ur totally awesome if toi did. Imminent fan if yes :) il y a plus d’un an
TheSpartan9000 commenté…
Wait, why think that XD. I didn't make this club at all. I just like Pokemon. il y a plus d’un an