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PedagogyArt à dit à propos de Autumn
I miss autumns in NJ. The season was text book in temperature, color, smell and most neighbors & businesses decorated....well. Surrounded par farms with road side stands & front yards full of 'pumpkins .25 cents & up' signs for miles, pumpkins, haystacks & indian blé, maïs were in walkin' distance. Traditions were easy to establish. From the start of school to Halloween to Thanksgiving, each made its mark. I suppose that's why most of my oringinal artwork is such a reflection of this time. Inspiring. posté il y a plus d’un an
PedagogyArt à dit à propos de Wicked
Saw Wicked in 2010 w/ my BFF & May 2012 w/ my daughter..... AWESOME! Glad DPACnc is so accessible. Subtle differences in the performance kept the montrer fresh. posté il y a plus d’un an