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sarabeara a dit …
I guess I just don't understand why you'd go trolling on the Feminism spot. It's fine if toi don't agree with Feminism, but there's no point going on a spot and being negative, y'know? Like I don't like Johnny Depp, but I don't go on his fanpop spot and rant in every vote and answer section about how much I dislike him. Seems kind of pointless. I let people enjoy what they like and stay in my own lane because that's the respectful thing to do.

Aka, learn some respect pls :D posté il y a plus d’un an
sarabeara a dit …
Lmao. I applaud your dedication to being a close-minded misogynist. It's quite admirable. :) posté il y a plus d’un an
big smile
flightFlora faîtes-moi des propositions pour my videos
Thanks for the add back
nice to meet Enrique fan here;) posté il y a plus d’un an