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 Wally West/ Kid Flash (Polar Stealth)
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Image of Wally West and his Kid Flash uniform in Artic Stealth form
La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
wally west
kid flash
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K so this is a text convo between me and my frand Kaitlyn. She hates Young Justice and the subject came up and it was worth posting
Kaitlyn:wher r u?
Me: y do u needs 2 noz??
K: jw (just wondering)
Me: stalker.....
K: look whose talking
Me: im on mars w. the robin and were making out to selena gomez
K: ahaha thats great
Me: robin is sexy
K: ya know it girl lok
Me:hes got mooves like jaggar
K: MDR im sure he does
Me: hes sexy and he knows it
K: true jour hehe
K: MDR ok whatever
Me: wut? U to good 4 my robin?
K: yup
Me: how dare u insulf dick grayson
K: no i didnt...
Me: yus u did u a dit u were ro good for him
K:well im to good for every guy so yeah
K: nooo
Me: dick grayson is fucking sexy
K: no but if u think that ok
Me: it not an opinion its a fact
K: whatever u say
M: then say robin is rhe sexiet member of yj
K: nooo
M: u non beleiver
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Episodes 4-6 of ARTY AND ZEE FUN TIMES!!! With Special Guests: M'Gann, SOUPerboy, loup and Sphere!
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 Devin: Aria costume
Devin: Aria costume
Name:Devin Grayson
Occupation:(Fallen) Angel; hero
Relationship to team:Unrevealed
Powers:Flight(wings), skilled fighter, can steal the evil from any person, all and any elements, healing, telepathic links
History:Growing up in the circus, Devin was always dreamed of flying. Her dreams became reality when Devin died at the age of fifteen. She became an angel, looking after her own family. She was later stripped of her wings and turned into a Dark Angel. She was taken in par a demon, who trained her in all forms of combat and magic. Devin became a spy, working to gain her...
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Chapter Four-

Southampton, England
12:07 GMT April 12, 1912

I knew what I had to do. I had explained myself to Alex and a dit goodbye. I had no clue how long I would be on the ship ou in foreign nations such as the United States. 

But my mission still stood. I had to stop James from blowing up the ship and killing 2,000 people. While the 100,000 onlookers watched everyone boarding the ship through the plank, I snuck onto the ship via a window. I climbed into the secret compartment I had built and stayed there.

Approximately eight minutes later, at 12:15 p.m. on April 12, 1912, the Titanic left...
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I leaned against the mur in the mission room. Aqualad and Superboy were combat traing. I stood against the mur watching them try too coup de poing each other . I was bord out of my mind! Claire was with Megan and Artimis. Then Wally and Robin walked in. I walked up to them. "Dude when do we get our suivant mission?" I asked the both of them.

" He likes to take forever on missions for some weird reason. I guess it's so we can train ou whatever. But it's nice to just hang out and talk. Right Wally?" Robin a dit elbowing Wally in the arm. " Yeah sure..." mur a dit giving Robin a weird look. " Ok then I'll...
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