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 Young Justice ROCKBAND STYLE!!!!!
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Wally just can't decide.... :D
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robin pov

it was a normal jour at the cave me and wally were playing black opps but then team rapporter to the brething room . i ran to down the hall but then i stopped as i look at a gorgeus girl team this is midnight she is your new teamate her secret ID is Alana brown she is black canreys sidekick a dit batman. partner a dit alana .she had jet black rocker hair, serpente blue eyes and a sexy frame she was perfect.conner and wally of coruse were drowling over her but me and kalder is new.ok do toi want me to enterdece every one? a dit batman. no i want to tryalana a dit wally west, artemis crock,...
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BEEP! BEEP! My alarm rang out at seven in the morning. Groaning I slapped the off button, plus like the shut up button, and flipped off my pale rose comforter. I sat up feeling lazily around for my glasses on my nightstand. With a yawn I made my way to the bathroom and mechanically turned on the warm douche water. After putting my contacts in, I stripped of my Lulu’s and my ‘Robin Forever’ t-shirt. I stepped into the rushing water and let it cascade over me as I reached for shampoo. I was so tired that I almost cut myself multiple times while shaving, luckily I didn’t.
Let’s just say...
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Robin threw a coup de poing at Wally and he fell back trying to block it, " whats up dude? toi seem slow.." Robin said, Wally gave his best friend a glare. " Well what do toi expect my powers are gone!" Wally hissed, " okay okay palourde down sheesh" Robin said, Wally walked out of the room in anger muttering words to himself, Robin grabbed his bottle of water and sat on the bench, Douglas came in, " salut Rob do toi mind montrer me some fightinf techniques " Douglas said, Robin smiled slightly and nodded, Robin turned around to put his water down and Douglas gave an evil smile and touched his shoulder,...
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It was early December 🎄 in the Hall, the Justice Leaguers & the Young Justice Leaguers were having a Christmas 🎅 party & having a great time, they were all chattering away like old friends, it was a beautiful winter’s night 🌃, until the Joker 🃏 & Harley 🃏 noticed that Bruce Wayne & his eldest son 👦, 18 an old Dick & Barry Allen & his nephew Wally were under the mistletoe 🌿…[aka the holly!] but even though some of the couples didn’t want to, it was Christmas 🎅 tradition to Kiss 💋 underneath the mistletoe 🌿.
But they were too busy talking...
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