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“Guys! I have cool news!” I called. The team walked over.
“I heard we’re getting a new member, a friend of Zatanna, the sorceress” I smiled
“So our new teammate might know magic?” Megan asked hopefully
“Yeah” I nodded
“Do toi know if it’s a girl?” Wally asked, which was followed par an ‘ouch’ from being elbowed par Artemis.
“I’m not sure. Might be” I shrugged.
“Batman’s back. And he has someone with him” Connor informed us “Definitely a girl” he winced. A minute later Batman came on the comm. link telling us to come to the mission room. We all headed over. Batman was standing with a girl about the age of 14. She was wearing white shorts and a white top. She was holding a staff and had a navy blue haut, retour au début hat on. Batman muttered something and she turned around. She had brilliant turquoise eyes and rich chocolat brown hair framing her face. We walked up to her.
“Team, this is your new teammate, Enchantress” Batman introduced
‘I’m guessing she knows magic Megan’ I thought
‘Cool!’ she thought back. Enchantress walked up to us.
“Anyone want to see a magic trick?” she asked
“Yes!” Megan exclaimed. She took off her hat.
“I will now pull a bunny from my hat” she smiled. We just looked at her.
“Trust me, it took me a an to perfect this trick” she reached into her hat “Bugs? Bugs, toi come out right this second!” A giant hand reached down from the ceiling and grabbed KF. He struggled against it, but it pulled him up. Enchantress pulled her hand from her hat. She was holding Wally! Except he was tiny.
“Aw! He’s so tiny!” Megan awed. Enchantress put him on the ground.
“Stay still” she ordered “Cab oot lamron” he grew back to normal size.
“That was weird. What tech did toi use?” he asked
“It’s a little something I like to call magic” to emphasize her point, she made her hand sparkle and glow when she a dit magic.
“Magic is just a bunch of advanced bio science with sparkles” he rolled his eyes. She smirked.
“Dunuphear” she said. My utility ceinture was suddenly in her hands. “Explain that with science”
“Voice activated teleporters” he smirked
“Lex eeb nacorb” she said. My ceinture turned into a snake. She threw it at him. It slithered around his waist. “Anied muceb namew” it turned back into my belt. He took it off and threw it at me. I put it back on.
“Built in voice activated holograms” he smirked
“Ugh! toi are the most stubborn person in the entire cosmos!” she sighed
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Red ran to the bars and attempted to pull them off.
“Let me take care of that” I shot a couple beams of darkness at the bar and they broke apart. We ran through to the hole. Cheshire and some guy in a metal mask were running along the roofs to a helicopter. I made a flat disc for Artemis and Red to stand on. They got on. Megan and I flew.
“Okay, toi two shoot, Megan, toi play defense and I’ll keep toi guys in the air.” I ordered. The archers shot Arrow after Arrow at the targets, but they seemed to have no affect.
“Megan, use toi telekinesis to keep them in the air. I have a job to...
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Made par Youtube user DarkShadowAlchemist2. The song is "Battlefield" par Jordin Sparks. Enjoy!! :D
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Jordin Sparks
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 It was apurple Ribbon and a Purple dress.
It was apurple Ribbon and a Purple dress.
I woke up and got ready like always I went down stairs and there was a note it said:


When toi read this note please head over to Mt.Justice asap okay and if toi have no idea what asap means its as soon as possible.see toi here


Okay whats with the letters hes been leaving me those ike for a week now saying I l’amour you,Xoxo.
I better get there and not keep this up im lucky to have him with me.

When I got there every guy was in a tux I had a stupid expresion on my face.
M`gann came running to me almost half dressed her hair half done saying:Glad you`re here come on lets get toi ready!...
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 ^My kick a$$ dress and shoes!!!
^My kick a$$ dress and shoes!!!
“Robin, want to head to Olympus with me?” I asked him
“Sure, why not?” he agreed
“Okay, wear something nice, but comfortable to dance in” I instructed
“Got it. What are toi going to wear?” Robin asked
“Not sure yet. I’ll meet toi back here in an hour.” I informed him, turning to walk to my room. He grabbed my shoulder. I turned back to him.
“I never got to tell toi this earlier, but toi look beautiful” he kissed me on the cheek. I blushed. I walked to my room and looked through my closet. I couldn’t find anything. I turned on my computer and went straight for MSN. Megan...
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“Since when can toi turn into animals?” I asked
“I’ve able to all my life” she said, un-braiding her long dark brown hair.
“And toi never told me, because?!” I demanded
“How was I supposed to tell you? ‘Hey Sarah, guess what! I can turn in to every single type of animal, whether it’s real of from some-sort of mythology!’” she asked
“True” I said
“Since when do toi have a boyfriend?!” She demanded. Great, now I was the one getting interrogated!
“For about a mois now” I responded
“OMZ! I’m so happy for you! What was your first date? A movie? A dinner?” she...
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sorry ravenclaw. amaza girl likes robin. kf and superboy like her.
september 17, 2011
"hey girl, wake up."
again? this happens all the time. i faint after a battle, acdentilly open a portal, and end up in some aléatoire walmart. another guy a dit "i think she's dead."
"well then what do we do with the body?"
i woke up."no,no i'm still alive."
i saw a guy with a mask on. "oh great. am i at that costume festival again?"
"no." the kid said, confused. "i'm... not sure i should tell toi who i am." i sat there a moment, getting this through my head. then i a dit "i know who toi are. your robin." i got up....
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