Authored by MafiaYJ


Full Name: Babylon 
Nickname: Barbara Lon, Robert Lon; Babs
Gender: Female
Place of Birth:  St. Paul’s Cathedral (No longer Catholic I believe) in London; burned down 3 months later in the Great Fire of London
Birthday: June 6, 1666 
Currently living in: New York 
Human - Demon Hybrid 
Occupation: Currently - CEO of companies + Scientist; for anything prior, ask her about it 
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Social Status: High Class, Elite


Body Build: Fit, Hour Glass Form, “Curvy”
Height: 5’7; 1.74 meters 
Weight: 135 lbs (Cause she is normal-); 61.2 kg
Skin colour: Porcelain  
Hair style: Down, usually tied near the bottom; braided 
Hair colour: Black 
Eye colour: Red - Disguised as Brown 
Accessories: Gloves



  • Retroactive immortality
  • Fatal touch ie Touch of death; uncontrolled the touch is instantly fatal, with much concentration it can be reduced to disintegration alone
  • Daemon Form
  • Red Eyes - allow her to see magical hidden beings/sites

Daemon Abilities:

  • Controllable Tangibility/Intangibility
  • Wings - Flight
  • Daemon Form - 10', claws, 8 eyes, giant mouth/teeth+fangs
  • Cannot feel any wounds, heat, cold. Basically has no touch sensitivity.
  • Basic use of Telekinesis within a 5 meter radius
  • See in darkness
  • Speak any Language (but cannot remember how to use them once back to normal)

Drawbacks: She HATES this form and rarely every uses it willingly. It physically hurts her to transform into this form in any way. It can be induced by blood transfusion as her body rejects what does not belong to her.



  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Archery
  • Sword Fighting
  • Strategic
  • Marksmanship
  • Basic Magic
  • Can take a lot of damage


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Latin
  • Italian
  • French
  • Basic Chinese
  • Basic Japanese
  • Arabic

Drawbacks: Languages change over time, and if she hasn't visited the region recently she sounds rather out of date. She also might get these mixed up.


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Engineer
  • Mechanic
  • Doctor/Nurse
  • Historian
  • Soldier/General
  • Basic Zoology, Botany, Linguistics
  • Psychology

Drawbacks: Unless well focused, she can get her information mixed up. A lot of this has been used in VERY bad things in the past. Most are not useful in combat or fast reaction time/high risk situations 


  • Travel Mirror
  • Granted Space Pockets, any object saved into the 3 spaces locked around her person (Usually the Mirrors)

Drawbacks: She can't really carry a lot on her person


Bio: She was born in the UK’s London, raised by nuns who shunned her and treated her unfairly because of her red eyes. At age 10 she discovered her lethal powers in an angry encounter with another young orphan at the church. At eighteen she left to travel Europe and in 1692 she left for America where she was involved in many historic events, including the witch hunts and Bloody Sunday. She often left to fight in wars across the globe. In 1778, she met a young man to whom she became engaged to, but he left her once he learned about her power which led to greater depression in herself. In 1831 she bore Ethan the Watcher a son. Ten years later she befriended a rich sorceress named Helena who left her a large house in the woods that is controlled by magic. She currently owns several homes around the world and is residing in New York to conduct business.

Personality Around others: Professional, stoic, not very talkative, rude
With those she knows: Outgoing, sarcastic, sweet, protective

Mother: Alice the Nun
Father: William the Demon
Children: Nathaniel, Esther