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posted by Blitz359
 Meh. Found on internet. Thought I should share.
Meh. Found on internet. Thought I should share.
So yeah, I'm not dead. Been really busy.

The phone rang for what seemed like the millionth time. Its ringtone sang out in the darkness of the room, and the phone clattered against the dusty wooden dessus de la table, dessus de table as it vibrated.
Hey, it's Richi. The phone sounded out as the call went to voicemail. I'm not available right now, but leave a message and I'll get back to toi ASAP.

"Rich!" the voice yelled as the message was recorded. "I know toi can hear me! Where are you?! Why haven't toi called back?! Please, the three of us are worried. Come back already. We're sorry."

Message recorded. toi have 30...
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posted by Willow_Cyrus
Name: Amara Thompson 

Age: 6

Appearance: long straight black hair with grey eyes and fair tan skin.

Powers/Skills: she has the ability to feel others pain and hurt feelings, usually stronger with the ones she loves. ( will not have powers when born)

Relations: biological parents are Bentley and Aryess, niece to Rene, granddaughter to Declan. seconde cousin to Jet.

Personality: very bubbly and cute to be around, she's a sweetheart and usually always giggles ou smiles unlike Bentley.

Civvies: a black ou grey jupe with leggings and a long sleeved haut, retour au début with little brown boots.

Past: DNA was collected...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Devin Sera Adams
Devin Sera Adams
Full Name: Devin Sera Adams
Nickname: Dev
Reason ou meaning of name: Devin; faon, fawn ou divine depending on the tongue. Sera means heavenly ou winged angel. Adams from my marriage
Eye Color: Bright blue
Hair Style/Color: Long and black, often straight
Height: 5’11”
Clothing Style: Modest, long dresses, usually white
Best Physical Feature: My face

Your Fears: Failing my family...
Your Guilty Pleasure: Foot rubs
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Demons
Your Ambition for the Future: To keep my family safe

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: What should I make...
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