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posted by khanna266
Name:Dustin Romanov
age:immortal but appears 17
powers:superspeed,superstrength,reads minds,invulnerability(Babylon wouldn't be able to drain his energy),and Kiss of death
hero costume:a black tuxedo,and white mask shaped like an x
civvies:(doesn't have anything special he has a different pair of civvies each day)
BG story:Thew jour of his seventeenth birthday he fell off a cliff and died for a few secondes and his mother and father kept praying for God to bring him back and so he brought him back but he brought him back with eternal life as a price added par an evil demon.He can only end his eternal life if he finds the demon and cuts off his head,but for until that jour he has sworn his allegiance to the young justice members...and has a secret crush on Babylon.
P.S he's Russian.
 Dustin in civvies
Dustin in civvies
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He walked down the hall to her bedroom, passing his own in his wanting to get to her. The door was open when he walked in, but the girl on the lit was not the one he was looking for. She looked up when he entered, an apologetic smile on her face.
“Is something wrong?!” he asked.
“No. Not exactly.”
“Where is she?”
“She's fine. She just had to get out for a bit.”
“Where is she?”
“California, I think.”
He blinked, the words catching him for the first time.
“Wait toi mean she's not here at all?”
“That's right. She wanted to wait for you, but a dit she was getting too restless....
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posted by BloodyMascara_
 Lyla (Aftermath)
Lyla (Aftermath)

Height: 6'7

Weight: 95 pounds

Eyes: Red.

Hair: Black

Weapons: Pistol, hidden dagger.

History: Raised par the joker and abonded par
parents. Joker taught her evil, but she realized it was wrong and refused to continue. She still keeps close with him and visits him in jail. She joined the team and loved it. She had a demon haunting her and everyone got fed up. She walked away from it all before it went any futher. She has taken the path of evil. Her hair turned black and her eyes are permenently red from the hate she feels.

Powers: Teleportation, Flight(Wings), levetation, transformaition(Humans and animals.)

Skills: Good with guns.

Civies: Black turtleneck and jeans.

'Stume: Black turtleneck dress and collier with keys symbolising being the keeper of hell.
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Rookies, Guns, and Drums

"Aisling correct?" Sarge questioned her.
"Yeah? What will I be doing? Shooting? Killing!?!" She smiled.
"Uhhh here take this gun and shoot that target ahead."
Aisling grabbed the gun and fiddled with it,"Sarge?"

Aisling pointed at the target and pulled the trigger but Nothing happened.
"It won't shoot"
"Are! You! Stupid! Soldier!?" Sarge pressed a button on the gun,"Safety was on.."
"Riiiightt! Safety..." Aisling aimed the gun and shot six times and missed.
"Soldier...." Sarge growled.
"SHHHH! I got This!" She aimed again and...
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posted by VictoreYJ
Name: Victore

ID: Confidental

Age: 25

Occupation: Assassin and villian

Physical Appearance: light brunett, bronze colored eyes, 5'6"

Clothing: varies, but always wears a scarf that she can bring up to hide her identity.

Powers: par looking into her victims eyes, she can command them to do as she pleases.

Weapons: Doesn't always carry one, but she is skilled with a sword.

Personality: vengeful, focused, feisty

History: Unknown.

Relation to Team: actual relation is a secret, but she seems to have a hate for fire-casters...
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