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posted by khanna266
Name:Dustin Romanov
age:immortal but appears 17
powers:superspeed,superstrength,reads minds,invulnerability(Babylon wouldn't be able to drain his energy),and Kiss of death
hero costume:a black tuxedo,and white mask shaped like an x
civvies:(doesn't have anything special he has a different pair of civvies each day)
BG story:Thew jour of his seventeenth birthday he fell off a cliff and died for a few secondes and his mother and father kept praying for God to bring him back and so he brought him back but he brought him back with eternal life as a price added par an evil demon.He can only end his eternal life if he finds the demon and cuts off his head,but for until that jour he has sworn his allegiance to the young justice members...and has a secret crush on Babylon.
P.S he's Russian.
 Dustin in civvies
Dustin in civvies
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posted by Punk__Heart
Because I'm bored at the lack of villain attacks

Name: Rei Howl (unknown)
Alias: Masquerade
Age: 18
Alliance: Villain

Appearance: White hair, blue eyes, 6'0", well built, pale skin

Personality: Cold, menacing, serious, egotistical, he's basically a big jerk with a horrible temper who likes to be in control of every situation that involves him

Powers: He's an "Illusions Master" allowing him to twist people's dreams with his illusion beasts, he also likes to use his illusion powers in a fight to get an adavantage over his opponent. mascarade has two forms one he uses everyday and his other form he...
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posted by Robin_Love
 loup form
Wolf form
Just bare with me. He may not be staying, but I need plus guys. So...ta-da

Name: Ivic
Alias: Fury
Occupation: vigilante; team mate
Powers: fire, healing, super-senses, were-wolf
Skills: fangs, speed, agility, stealth, rue fighting, boxing, claws
History: Ivic is the result of a now-lost serum. He was a test tube baby, the serum affecting him in some way no one thought possible. While the others died, Ivic remained healthy. He was a quick study from the time he could walk. He has been taught about his abilities but not how to control them. His temper ignited one jour par mysterious reasons, Ivic...
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I fucking hate this shit. Everything. Why is everything make toi feel like toi want to curl up and fucking die! Why does everything that seems so perfect crumble into small pieces that are unfixable? How come the girl sitting across from toi is staring at toi with a look so harsh, toi can taste the disgust in your mouth? Is that how everyone feels around you? toi want to ask what the fuck her problem is, but of course like the good little Angel toi are, toi keep your mouth shut, and as toi sit there taking her look toi question everything. toi were always raised to be the bigger person, to...
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