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After the jour Yoshi's class went to hawaii for a field trip,The yoshi princesses asked the teacher if they should go on a field trip to the kingdom of Il était une fois puppies, But Yoshi's teacher said, "No class,We can't go to the kingdom of Il était une fois chiots because they may not allow us there. Instead, we're going to MOON VIEW CITY today." then Yoshi said,"Moon view city, I adore (Love) Moon view city." When Yoshi's class arrived at Moon view city, Yoshi saw The Coconut fruit truck and she got some Delicous Berries from Super mario galaxy 2. She also saw the moo moo dariy truck and the teacher said," In Coconut mall, they have the moo moo dariy store." Yoshi didn't know that The Moo Moo dariy store was in coconut mall (One of yoshi's favori courses). When they returned to the classroom,the whole class drew their favori things in moon view city. Yoshi drew a picture of the whole city."You must l’amour the moon view city." the princesess were accueil and they lived happily ever after.
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Source: Nintendo / Good-Feel. Nintendo properties are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2015 Nintendo.
“Looks like I’ll have to deal with toi guys myself,” Kamek a dit in a sneering tone. Luigi and Yoshi could tell that he wasn’t going to try any of his tricks anytime soon.
“Tired of your games?” Luigi taunted, though he wasn’t sure if it really was a taunt. donné the way Kamek sneered and his abrupt shift of tone compared to when he’d summoned his shadow underlings, he wasn’t sure if his response to Bowser’s right-hand man—who, even Luigi himself has to admit, was a powerful magician in his own right—was a taunt ou a bluff.
“Don’t worry—Lord Bowser won’t even...
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Luigi looked around the room. Back and forth—twice, thrice and deliberately.
But it was still the same—King Boo was nowhere to be found.
“Come out, toi hell of a con artist!” Luigi seethed as he looked around. He felt ridiculous with the fact that the lack of response made him feel as if he were talking to himself, but it couldn’t be helped—King Boo was a total no-show at the moment.
“Now you’re going to chicken out of this fight, King Boo?” Yoshi a dit among the walls, pretty sure that even though he’d likely get no response at all, there was no doubt King Boo was listening...
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“Huh?” Luigi frowned while flashing the lights on some approaching ghosts. “I think toi put it down when toi were mumbling all that giving up mumbo-jumbo.”
“I didn’t throw it, did I?” Yoshi asked desperately.
“Not that I remember. The only thing I saw—despite the fact it was pitch black, though when those images were flashed it seemed to lighten up the room a bit—was that toi took it off and put it down. After that, I can’t recall if toi ever did anything else to it.”
“Looking for this?” King Boo laughed. The two looked up to see Yoshi’s Poltergust floating away...
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“By the way, Luigi,” Yoshi asked after a while since they’d entered a creepy-looking guest room, “before I came and helped toi out with this whole ghost-busting thing, what was it like? toi know, being alone and all that?”
“Uh...” Luigi seemed reluctant to answer. “W-ell, I’d say if toi weren’t here, it would’ve been twice as hard as it just might a-be right now.”
“I don’t suppose toi fell for a couple of ghostly stuff plus than twice when toi busted the ghosts solo?” Yoshi teased.
Luigi gave the green dinosaur a dirty look. “Very funny, Yoshi—very funny.”...
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**This entire chapter will be about how Mario and company are doing back at Bowser's Castle. I made this, 'cause, well, toi might all be thinking I'd forgotten about them.**

In Bowser's Castle:
"Hurry up, captives," a Hammer Bro said, "it's time to your dinner!"
"I don't like this," Toadsworth muttered, "I wonder if what they're going to feed us is actually clean."
Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and the rest of the champignon Kingdom château captives were in chains; only their hands were partially free to be able to get a tray and pick up their dinner. Princess pêche, peach looked at the table, tableau where...
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"Well, um...," Luigi fidgeted, "something like a-that might take a lot of explaining to do..."
"Don't worry," Yoshi insisted. "I can handle the long explanation. Besides, it's not like Lakithunder will somehow emerge from the ashes and come back for us, right?"
Luigi gave Yoshi a look that clearly responded to the possibility of Lakithunder rising from the ashes like a phoenix.
Yoshi made a gesture with his fingers that prompted Luigi to explain.
"I'm listening, Luigi."
"A-well, um, toi see..." Luigi took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. "When we were back-to-back, all tensed up for Lakithunder's...
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Luigi stopped cold at the voice—it was Yoshi's voice, and it sounded like it came somewhere behind the multitude of expectant Toads. But that wasn't really what made Luigi stop.
Because how could he have heard Yoshi's voice behind the Toads when he was just directly to his left?!
Luigi strained to follow where he'd heard the voice, and found Yoshi behind the Toads.
"I—I—" Luigi's head spun, confused; bewildered. "A-why are there two Yoshis?!"
He looked at the Yoshi who was directly to his left, who looked just as shocked as he was, and he had the black hump on his back that the green plumber...
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Luigi groaned a few times, then he tried to open his eyes, but he couldn't have them move—his body was sluggish to respond.
"Wh-Where am I…?" he mumbled.
There was a light yet tomboyish voice calling on to him.
"Hey, Luigi…"
Luigi started; the voice sounded somehow familiar. "Who are you?" He strained his eyes to see a lady-like figure among the fluff of the clouds.
The figure made a giggling sound.
Luigi scratched the back of his head and made a disgruntled face. The giggle only leaned even closer to the person in Luigi's assumptions.
He cleared his throat and blinked hard before he a dit her...
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Before anyone could even know it, the duo finally arrived in Yoshi's Island. It emerged from being a mere speckle among the waters to a mass of trees, mountains, and nature (which added plus solid evidence to Luigi's theory).
As soon as the ship they were riding blew out its horn to depict the fact it was about to dock, Yoshi sighed with relief—as much as it made him happy being with Mario and the gang, there's no place like home.
"Luigi, we're almost there!" Yoshi called.
But Luigi didn't hear a thing Yoshi said—his face was buried in a waste basket; he was making moaning noises in it.
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Luigi and Yoshi were hidden inside the branches and leaves of one of the trees among pêche, peach Garden. It was a perfect spot for confidential talks; while the one inside could hear sounds from the outside, people outside could hardly ever hear what would be going on from the inside—that is, unless they would think of going near, in which they wouldn't even dream of doing. After all, why waste time listening closely to the sounds within a tree?
"Okay, Yoshi, tell me again why we're here, hidden in the treetop?" Luigi asked Yoshi critically.
"Because treetops are perfect for pep talks," Yoshi explained....
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