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 commander of all wolfs
commander of all wolfs
SPIRIT loup ISLAND fangs story
On a island full of spirit wolfs
4 spirit wolfs lead all of the wolfs
there names are Stone, Jet, Aqua, and Flame.
these 4 spirit loup all lead a pack and there are 4 packs
Pack one is earth, pack two is wind, pack three is water, and the forth pack is fire.
Stone leads earth pack
Jet leads wind pack
Aqua leads water pack
Flame leads feu pack
and each leader has a gem that keeps there pack in the real world.(the gems are around there neck)
But if they drop there gem i goes to Tokyo Japon and if a human picks one gem up the spirit loup becomes the humans protecter and...
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posted by shadowgirl101

My mother was a husky who mated with a Wolf. One jour I wandered to far from accueil and was separated from my mother I barely new anything about my dad, he was never around. So I had to fight for survival.Then one jour I was attacked par a huge black bear, he smacked me with his huge black paw. I went flying and hit a arbre and then out of no where Yonayu Came flying out of the bushes and jumped on the bears back and started biting him the ours was so weak he ran off then I closed my eyes and then opened them again he was lingering over my body and then he threw me over his back and...
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