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The following article is against Winx Club.If toi are a die hard fan of Winx Club that gets butthurt when they find out that there are some people who don't like Winx Club than don't read this article because it certainly isn't for you.
In my opinion Winx Club is the worst excuse for a magical girl montrer that was ever created and here are the reasons why:
1.The Plot
It is a fact that Winx Club has a very unoriginal plot.Let me mention the many shoujo manga/animes,books and other dessins animés that Winx Club copied:
1.Sailor Moon-Bloom is basically a copy of Usagi:Let me point out...
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It seems to me that most of the fight here is always going on about how W.i.t.c.h copied Winx ou Winx copied W.i.t.c.h, but I doubt either of them copied the other.

It is true the W.i.t.c.h comics came out first, but do toi really think that the Winx Club would copy a comic when there's Sailor Moon?

Similar thing with the W.i.t.c.h TV series, why would they copy Winx Club when they are already copying the comics?

Many of toi points out that W.i.t.c.h only has one transfomration (two in the comics) while Winx Club has a new one for each season. That itself points out how the shows are different....
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 Will Vandom - Energy Guardian
Will Vandom - Energy Guardian
NOTE:This is part four, and there is another chapter before this. Please read part 1, 2 and/or part 3 before lire this to avoid any misunderstandings about what happened


"Remember, we're to stay together-no plus one on ones," a dit Will.

"You've told us that only a hundred times," groaned Cornelia.

Before Will could reply, a light appeared before them.

"Ready for doom?" asked Layla.

"Oh no, we're not the ones who'll be in for doom, toi are," retorted Irma.

As much as Cornelia prefers a nice Sunday with Peter ou with her Friends peacefully, she was eager to fight. To prove that the...
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