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posted by Garu500
Have toi seen the My Pgae on Webkinz lately? If toi haven't, IT"S REALLY COOL! It's kinda like Facebook. toi can add BFF'S. Like so:
toi can add up to 10 BFF'S. toi can also design a page. It's WAY BETTER than Caillou. So log onto Webkinz RIGHT NOW and get workin' on YOUR My Page.
posted by IntrepidKeris
First Account: 10sheba
Status: Expired
Webkinz: 10
Sheba- Himalayan
Rico- Bengal Tiger
Nikki- Collie
Sammy- Leopard Lizard
Marshmallow- Lil' Yorkie
Kamisa- clydesdale Horse
Pedro- Chihuahua
Jackson- Golden Retriever
Cheep- Chickadee
Arielle- Samoyed

Second Account: 11midnightsky
Status: Active
Webkinz: 21
Skye- Bat
Pugsley- Pug
Puff- Whimsy Dragon
Joy- Kangaroo
Aloha- Blue Trigger Fish
Warren- Emporer Dragon
Zhen Zhen- Signature Panda
Sonali- Budgie
Voltaire- Griffin(virtual only)
Lucas- Googles
Domino- Dalmatian
Sakura- cerise Blossom Bird
Rosetta- l’amour Frog
Skippyjon- Siamese
Jadyn- Black Cat
Shimmer- fraise Cloud...
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posted by MistAvis23063
Webkinz is my specialty ask me any question and I'll answer it. If toi want I can get a picture of anything webkinz related. I know I'm new but please I feel I have been here forever so give me a chance after all I'm an Avid webkinz player. Also I have 22 Webkinz and lots of webkinz stuff that's why I joined please I <3 Webkinz. I like to play online games and would like to have a bit plus Webkinz Trading Cards. I l’amour all the Webkinz so don't ask my favori one. I'm close to the Crown of Wonder and l’amour Webkinz so much I have a creative room based off of my liking for it.
i was on webkinz one jour at the curio boutique and i was choosing wisley at which one of the rocks i should pick well; i had a feeling i was not going to find anything until i just picked a aléatoire one for my last try untill i had to go again tommorow so i picked it. i didn't really see what it was but when i got out of the cave i realized that it was the webkinz dimond! But the thing that got me
mad was that he offered me to sell it and if i did all i would get is 50 kinkash! i was like; NO WAY!!! Y IN THE WORLD WOULD U ONLY GIVE ME 50 kinkash????!!!!
posted by ultrasonic34
When toi fall off your horse, take this tip my friend

Get right back up on that horse again

Dust off your shirt, and straighten your hat

Whatever toi do, don't be a scaredy scaredy cat

When toi hear the music, get up and dance (no scaredy cat)

Don't be afraid to take a chance (woah)

Conquering your fears is where it's at

Whatever toi do, don't be a scaredy scaredy cat

Whatever toi want to do

Don't go around crying "boo-hoo-hoo"

Nobody wants to listen to that

Whatever toi do, don't be a scaredy scaredy cat

When toi hear the music, get up and dance (no scaredy cat)

Don't be afraid to take a chance...
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posted by PrincessTasha97
Are toi the best Webkinz fan Ever? But, your sort of getting board of it, becuase toi don't really have much to do, and toi know everything? Well, think again. there's always new information to learn, and when toi talk about something toi love, it makes it 100x better. Check out these awesome websites that have to do with Webkinz.

FreeForums.com (search webkinz)

and for plus just go to
and chercher Webkinz fan Sites!

webkinz Rock, and so Do You!!!