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haut, retour au début 10
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action fanvid
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Jeremy POV
Every thing was getting dizzy, I didn’t understand any thing that happened at the house, all I know is Uncle John is dead, there’s two Elena’s and I’m turning.
I could here the car running things were heightened. I could here all the gears moving to a rhythm. Elena was breathing hard I could feel her body heat radiating off of her.
“Elena, I need it now ou its over.” My throat was dry I turned towards Elena and could see her veins flowing with blood. Every thing then went black.”

Elena’s POV
I pulled the car over and took a deep breath. The last time I did this I almost...
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rapide, swift like the night
cold as death
eyes like the moon
a smile with depth
ill be with u soon

i watch toi run
as i watch toi fly
into the distance
i watch toi dance
as toi come to a stop
toi sit beside me
as i feel the sweet dagger and toi taste heat

i start to get cold
as i taste the sweet summer dream
warm and smooth yet addicting and dangerous
then as i lie there in your lap
my eyes begin to close as my cœur, coeur starts to stop

when i awaken to the sweet sound of u
i feel the mist of the ocean blue
but all turns and i have a thirst
as toi realize toi smile
take my hand and lead me
to a drink and once again
the daggers slide in but i don't feel them
for once again i taste that sweet summer dream
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