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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    Later that night, I got out of the shower, ready to go to bed, anxious for Verona's arrival tomorrow morning. I was tired and anxious. If you're anxious, doesn't that mean that toi should be awake and a bit energized? Anyways, I am tired and anxious, and if that wasn't possible before, it now is.
    "You tired?" I asked Jerek once I crawled into bed.
    "Yea. Being nervous, and now anxious, made me tired. Plus, I had to fight a few people in...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    "Ethan." I said, interrupting their talk. "Sorry, but...when toi aren't checking on her, who is?"
    "My friends, Derek and Faith." He said. "Don't worry. They know how much danger she is under, and when Derek isn't checking on Verona, I am, and if I am busy, Faith will. We always have someone checking on her."
    "Can toi put someone in there right now to stay with her, and make sure no one unauthorized gets in?" I asked.
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posted by mia1emmett
 this is stellas car. its a jaguar color black roof open.
this is stellas car. its a jaguar color black roof open.
Chapter 11
            “oh boy”
    Edward and everyone greeted us at the door, rose walked up to Nessie and a dit “you spent to much time with dogs, other then one of your aunts being a dog” I rolled my eyes and I walked up stairs thinking about how me and Seth were talking about how it would be so cool if we swam all the way from La push to where ever. I must have been so deep in thought I didn’t hear the door open because Emmett’s face was in my face. I rolled off my lit “ok I am ready” Emmett’s...
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We sit down and I can instantly tell that Micah is uncomfortable. He looks around and then stares at the salt shaker.

"Whats wrong Micah?" I lean over and try to see what he is staring at.

"Why is there a dead bug in the salt?" His eyes widen as it starts to move.

He scoots his chair back slightly, and doesn't take his eyes off the beetle in the salt shaker.

He looks at me for a divisé, split seccond and says, "Can we go somewhere else?" There is fright in his eyes and I feel symathetic for him. He has always hated bugs. He got it from me.

"Yes." I stand up grab my bourse, sac à main and watch as he jusmps out...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    Have toi ever thought of a reason to stay inside for the day? Was it because toi felt sick, ou was it because toi were just too lazy to throw your legs over the side of the bed, get up, and start the day? Whichever answer toi choose, if it's toi feeling sick, ou toi being to lazy, ou because of a different reason, then tell me this: what have toi done that jour to feel good about yourself? Did toi clean your house because your family/guests are coming over? Did toi get up to make breakfast...
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Chapter Three:
Alice’s P.O.V:
As we pulled into the little hut we would be staying in we heard Bella whine. “Can’t we go to a hotel?” I shook my head, “No, Bella. We’re staying somewhere private!” She finally gave up whenever she saw her room. “Nice!” It was bigger than the outside appeared and on the side of the beach. The wooden frame was painted a light green that sparked in the light. The cuisine was well kept with a cerise wood table, tableau and a glass vase full of daisies on the table-top. My room was painted a very light rose like a powder room and had a Queen sized bed. It...
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My skin absorbed the sunlight in the schools courtyard, it was warm. For once in Forks, Washington there was actually heat. I almost felt like I was back in Phoenix, sipping limonade on a long outdoor chase, with my mom, Renee and Paul, my step-father.

"Bella!" Jacob a dit running over to my stone table, tableau in the courtyard.

"Yeah, Jake?" I a dit looking at him with a curious look. He was frantically shaking and he tried speaking but all that came out was gasps.

"Jacob, what's wrong?" I yelled, demanding him to talk.

"Bella, please, it was an accident!" Jacob whimpered.

"Jacob! What accident! Spit...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    I followed him into the lab room, and realized Tabra and the body was gone. There was a note in his place. I walked to it, picked it up, and read it out loud.
    "I called 911. They are on their way to help toi guys out. Jerek, toi need to tell them about the phone call, that's all. I'll meet toi back at headquarters, Cyd, put this note in your pocket once toi have read it. Bye."
    "Now, we wait." Jerek said, and a tear slipped from his eyes,...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Here is the end of Jacob's POV then to Edward's POV.

Chapter 9. (Jacob)

Billy handed me the phone. "Hello?" I asked. Who is it? "Hey, um, Jacob. It's Edward. I need you." Edward a dit awkwardly. "What do toi want? Why should I help you?" "Because Bella is gone." He a dit sadly. "No, duh? She left you." I laughed. "No, Jacob. toi need to take this seriously. Bella left Charlie!" Edward screamed at me. She did what now!

I dropped the phone and headed full speed to the woods. I'm gonna help Edward find her. But maybe she won't go back to him and she'll come running into my arms! I smiled my wolfy...
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I opened the window, and slid my self through quietly. My room was dark, and the only thing I could see was my clock. It a dit 5:34 a.m. I had managed to make it back before 6:00, when my family was getting back.

I walked over to my bedside table, and turned on my lamp. I jumped back when I saw Aunt Rose sitting on my bed.

"What are toi doing here?" I stepped back and set my bag on the table, tableau beside me.

"I knew that something was up, so I came back. And when toi weren't home, I waited for you." She remained on my lit with her hands in her lap.

I looked down, and rubbed my hand on my head.

"I had...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    Once we reached the bottom, I saw a HUUUUUUGE labratory of weapons and livres and chemicals and a little computer base with like seven to ten computer screens mounted on a mur with one keyboard and one mouse, with one girl behind it all that was the same height as me.
    "Jerek!" She squealed after noticing our appearance. She jumped up and ran over to him, gave him a huge hug and stepped back to look at us. "So nice to see toi again!"
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A BIG BIG BIG thank toi to everyone for ALL the support and, of course, lire my story. There's not enough I can do to repay toi for your kindness <333 I like this chapter, and I hope toi enjoy it too :] Thank toi again.
Love Me, Hate Me, Lie to Me
The further Summer ran from Forks, she felt like an important piece of her life had recently gone missing. She was happy the Cullens weren’t physically hurt, and Aro hadn’t been thinking spiteful thoughts against them. But, there was a chance he was only thinking about killing them while she...
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posted by Tatti
So I've decided to start new fanfic and I hope it won't be boring. Please commentaire what toi liked the most and what toi think I could improve.
It's happening two years after the end of Breaking Dawn.


The match was exciting! I was never really into sports but after becoming a vampire (which meant after losing my clumsiness) I started to enjoy it. Edward likes to joke that I'm almost as bad as Emmett. But how can I didn't like that wonderful feeling when toi almost fly?
Today's match was also amazing because everyone was playing so we were able to form two strong teams of four people. Nessie...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Three
    Jerek, Tabra and I entered the house-like headquarters, and I was amazed how nice it looked on the inside compared to the size of it on the outside.
    "This way," Jerek directed us.
    "Alright." Tabra followed Jerek down some steps and I followed him.
    "Shropee!" Jerek called in front of him, and a girl a few inches shorter than me came up to Tabra and took him to the medical canapé she talked to him about.
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posted by sh0rtiinedward
i didn't know what to do when i saw Jacob in front of my house, so as soon the car stop i got out but as soon he saw me he took off running to the woods, i follow him for 2 minutes until he stop.

"I came to fix everything, Bella call me to come and talk to you, but now toi have things plus important" he a dit very angry and with tears in his eyes, i never saw him like this.
"Jacob I'm sorry, mom never told me anything, and nothing is plus important than get all thing straight up with you" i a dit to him as i try to hug him but he déplacer right away.
"You know what Rennesme, i have to go, go and have...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Two
    I jumped up and whipped out my gun, aimed it for Haus' chest and fired twice. Haus went down in a second.
    "Let's go!" I a dit and Rick jumped into the room, brandishing his knives.
    Tabra grabbed his arm, twisted it around and snapped it. Clean break, sounded like, if not, good! He deserved the suffering. Rick went down on one knee, and I shot at him, the bullet entered his skull. He's a goner.
    A chick walked in then, carrying a whip and slung it at Tabra. It wrapped around his neck and she started to pull.
    "Let him go!" I shouted and shot at her, she got hit in the leg.
    "You bitch!" She said, released Tabra and slashed her whip at me.
    It knocked the gun out of my hand.
    "Let's do this," She dropped her whip and walked towards me.
    "First class whore!" I spat and she gasped.
    "I'll kill toi for that."
posted by Andressa_Weld
Nikki’s POV
After he kissed me, I looked at him for a minute, a long minute. He looked into my eyes and we stood there looking for each other in a peaceful silent.
I looked at his amazing body and I thought he could be an underwear model.
-I’m so lucky! – I a dit and passed my hands in his abdomen and he laughed – you’re probably the hottest man in the whole world!
-Nikki, you’re beautiful too, dear! – He whispered in my ear and ran his hands in my hair.
-Thank you! – I a dit and he smacked me – but there’s a problem.
-What’s wrong, dear?
-I can’t remember...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Hope toi like it

I was so glad I had Hannah as a friend because if I didn’t I wouldn’t know what to do. The plane landed in Italy at last. “Well how are we going to get a car so we can drive up to volterra?”

“We could steal one” Esme just looked at me “What?”

“I thought leaving Carlisle was insane but stealing a car!”

“Do toi want to find Edward?”

“Yes I do”

“Then stealing a car it is” Me and Esme went off to find a car we could steal. “How about this one?” Esme asked pointing do a red Porsche. “Ok” I got in the driver’s siège “How come toi get...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Hope toi enjoy it

I found the things to draw the dress with in the cabinet like she said. I set everything up and started to draw the outline. Everyone liked short here and the man had asked for summery type dress. I drew a short strapless dress with a ribbon round the haut, retour au début and round the bottom and then in strips going diagonally across. The dress its self was white and the ribbon was mint green. I looked at my drawing wondering if the man would approve. I decided he would and went out to montrer it to him. I would in to the reception again were the man was sat. “Well don’t toi look...
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posted by xroylex
"nessie are toi sure this is what toi want ? i mean toi only just got here and now toi want to leave i wont stop toi if thats what you-" i cut him of its not what i wanted but its what i had to do to i dont know why i was leaving but my stomach felt like i had to.
"bye grandad its been great really"
he waved as i got on the plane even thought i knew it was the right thing to do it still hurt saying goodbye like that like i have left a peice of me here..

days weeks months passed and soon enough it was my 17th birthday party nothing could go wrong could it??
well i thought it couldnt

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