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 Close up - Cast Twilight Saga
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posted by WildCherryWolf
"Er, Edward?"
"No, Jacob?"
"Can, can toi answer this for me?"
"Aw, but we're buddies!!!"
"I don't like you, Jacob."
"But we're amigos!! ou in your case, amigas!!"
"Since when did I become female?"
"Since toi started glittering in the sun."
"Lets not mention your genetic glitch, Fido."
"Seriously dude, I need toi to answer this."
"I thought chiens couldn't talk."
"Aren't fées all female?"
"Bella likes sparkling men."
"I can't believe toi a dit that."
"Leave me alone."
"You called yourself SPARKLY!!"
"Get out."
"Okay, no need for a breakdown, drama queen."
"I am not a drama queen."
"I'm not a St....
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Edward's POV.

Post New Moon. Edward finally caves in to check up on Bella in forks after 3 years of being separated, only the find something opposite. [I haven't written in a while, so I apologise in advance]

Name: New Beginnings.
Author: KatiiCullen93
Rating: PG-13
Themes: Love, marriage, pregnancy, vampire,
Couplings: Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella

Edwards POV

Three years almost seems like three days in this small town. Driving in, I instantly came to the realization that everything was the same as the time as I left. I'm not sure exactly what I expected but Forks was the same.

The sky was clouded overcast,...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Once apon a time there was a powerful king ruling London.
The legend says a witch cursed the kings only daughter because he killed all the witches in Londres except for his own.
As its told the curse forbids the princess to ever feels ou falls in love(but she can just feel l’amour for the witche’s son Damien who is in l’amour with the princess) unless the witch that's has casted the spell on her shall die drowning in her own blood at an eclipse.
    Witch: a witch is a person that has special abilities and is immortal they look like a human and blood runs in their...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
As soon as I woke up I checked my phone. There was nothing, not even a voicemail! I went down stairs and grabbed a Red taureau, bull and Sunny D. I mixed them together and it created my favori drink. I sat on the canapé looking down at my
drink wondering why Collin hadn't called yet. So Collin hasn't calls you, Emmett asked. No he hasn't, I bet Jake has him doing a double shift ou something. I don't have him doing anything for me Jake a dit has he walked through the door.
Do toi know why he hadn't called me? I asked Jacob. I can't tell toi anything. Please just promise me toi will wait and let him tell...
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posted by callejahLUVSed
okay this is a lame chapter and i'm so sorry i haven't posté in a while but i promise the suivant chapter is TONS better !!!! just sit tight and comment!

CHAPTER SIX- Getting Ready

I slept for about two hours to recover from the sun, then spent the rest of my night rehearsing my ‘human’ habits. As vampires are, we don’t fidget, ou move, except for when we’re around humans. We do stuff like, excuse ourselves to go to the bathroom, cough, blink (I know, we are really life-less), bite our nails (gross, but human) ou not stare at one place for too long. After a while, I got bored of biting...
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posted by xxEmo92xx
Danie turned into a blob of pomme sauce, then shape-shifted back into a human. "There" She said.
"Hey Erin! So I see toi got my text."

"Yeah! Congrats! toi have to tell me all about this Parick."

"No, toi tell me about toi being part of the Volturi."

"How did toi know?"

"Well me being a vamp and everything, I get one power which is shape-shifting."

"What does that have to do with it?"

"Oh nothing I just needed to tell you."

"Ok, how did toi find out?"

"Your friend Alice told me."

"Oh,ok. Yeah, so toi know my dad is Aro and my little sister is Jane."

"I didn't even know that!" Alice said."Why didn't toi tell me?"

"I wasn't ready to yet."

"Erin, toi are my best friend; I tell toi everything, toi should tell me the same."


"It's fine. Now come on, let's go shopping for your friend's big day."

"Ok, let's go."

Two hours later, Alice, Erin, and Danie were still roaming around when they found the "perfect dress".