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Edward Cullen
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


I worked to make my tread sound slow and tired as I walked up the stairs to my room. I shut the door loud enough for him to hear, and then sprinted on my tiptoes to the window. I drew it open and leaned out into the night. My eyes scanned the darkness, the impenetrable shadows of the trees.
"Edward?" I whispered, feeling completely idiotic.
The quiet, laughing response came from behind me. "Yes?"
I whirled, one and flying to my throat in surprise.
He lay, smiling hugely, across my bed, his hands behind his head, his feet dangling...
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okay, there is a bad part with edward, but dont worry...they sort it out, so dont freak! enjoy!

I woke up early that morning, the nightmare scaring me awake. This time, I was running through the airport looking for Edward and the Cullen’s and Jacob and the pack. I saw them all heading into the gates, and as I got close to them, the doors slammed shut, locking them away from me.
I heard the phone ring. It stopped so I assumed Charlie answered it. I heard him heading up the stairs. I hid under my blankets pretending to be asleep.
“Hold on, I’ll see if she’s awake.” Charlie murmured quietly....
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