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 Robert on set of WFE (July 7th)
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Robert on set of WFE (July 7th)
Robert Pattinson
on set
water for elephants
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I feel very sorry for Rob. Ever since he was casted for Twilight, people made vidéos that he shouldn't be Edward Cullen, but too late now! Too bad so sad for the people who think that he didn't make a perfect Edward, which he did! And how he can't get a girlfriend (besides Kristen) when girls just blow him off! People are just plain STUPID! I HATE them for that!

He'd be better off having an normal life, people, HELLO! He is just a normal person like everyone else! Like that time when he got HIT par A CAR in New York! And the paparazzi still got all up in his face after that... Idiots! They didn't...
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Chapter 9


7 weeks later

My trip to Jacksonville definitely helped me get over him but I feel like I can’t breathe and I don’t know why. I know I l’amour him, I always will but I know he is no good for me. I can just imagine he is with that chienne right now and it makes me feel sick. I am empty inside I can’t feel anything. Im constantly numb and I wish it would go away I hate feeling like this. Because of him. Sometimes I wish I had never been born, I wouldn’t have to go through this constant torture. My mums been great but she knows there’s something wrong. Hell, even Phill is noticing...
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It's a little out there still but...

A new in Black!

“Jane!” Aro called.
The rest was just a mumble that I could not hear; no matter how much I strained my ears. The door opened as I lie, half unconscious on the cold, hard floor.
“She’s this way Sir.” I heard Aro’s voice in the distance. He entered the big room with a person she could not identify.
“I need toi to montrer our guest what toi can do.” Aro crooned as he pointed at me.
“Make sure she doesn’t turn against us.”
“Ah, Renesmee we meet at last.” a dit the stranger. I managed to flicker my eyes open a fragment and caught...
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Preface: Everything had fallen into place, this unknown world was only known par me. I couldn't tell anyone in the real world, they would think I'm crazy, but how could I? When would it be over? Would I ever go home? No. I wouldn't, I belonged here now. There was no going back, i would stay here forever, as longed as I lived being something I'm not. Different.
Chapter 1; The Beginning: My name is Briana, this is my story of the unknown, a story only toi should know. Something that shouldn't be told, but must. It all started on my trip with my Friends to California, Jeff, Ryan, Baily, Alexis,...
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The seconde jour of school wasn't so bad, the best part for me was Edward was absent today. Bella was okay with it only she looked suspicous, like 'what happend to him' because of what happend yesterday. In Biology I asked the teacher to sit suivant to Bella because Mike was absent as well. Bella and I did some kind of experiment which was pretty easy, and got A+'s for both of us. In gym we played volley-ball, which sport Bella did not fit in, so I helped her through all of it. While we were going through the parking lot, the Cullen's (without Edward) staring at us. When Bella got to her car she...
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Great. Mom went crazy today because she forgot to tell me that today was the first jour of school for me. Before I woke up and got ready she raced down to the mall, got school clothes and supplys, raced back, then got me a Blue Volvo. I have to say she's one great mom. Once I arrrived at school, I found out I wasn't the only new student. This girl from Phoenix, Arizona named Isbella Swan. I think that she'd like to be called Bella, most girls like that better. This guy named Eric showed me around, and while he was doing that he introuced me to Bella. She told me that she's the kind of girl who...
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posted by NewMoonG
It really sucks for what has happened to Robert Pattinson. Today I went to this website called,, obviously they're talking about him and and I read that some girl with the swine flu kissed him! Now someone should slap that girl and say, "What the hell were toi thinking!?! Are toi trying to kill him?!" Well, after she did that, she told him that she has the swine flu and doesn't care?! Ok, that girl is cukkoo in the head. Why would she want to do that?! (Not saying that he is hot and pretty much every girl out there wants him...) That's just CRAZY! So after, he ran down to the...
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