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 Ashley&Xavier @ "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Antwerp Premiere June 28th
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Ashley&Xavier @ "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Antwerp Premiere June 28th
Ashley Greene
xavier samuels
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“Summer…Summer…” Alice tapped on Summer’s shoulder, attempting to wake her, “SUMMER!” Summer pulled the oreiller over her head, “Go away, Alice,” she mumbled. A few secondes passed by; Alice bent over and murmured into Summer’s ear, “I’m still here.” Summer groaned and rolled over to face her smirking sister, “What?” Alice clapped her hands together in delight, “Finally! C’mon, today toi and I are going shopping. After all, toi seriously need a girl’s jour out.” Summer impassively peered at already dressed up Alice, “No thank you, Alice. Goodnight.” Alice...
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posted by LexisFaith
Sorry if it's a bit long :/ I get carried away lol
Hope toi LOVE!!!
"Wait." Alice stood perfectly still, "He told her?" She pointed to the baby.
"That's what she said." Jake stood frozen. Almost as still as Alice.
"You think she could have gotten some kind of. . . power?" I asked Alice. "Even though she's human?"
She shrugged, her brows furrowed in conentration. "Maybe. I'm not sure. Maybe toi should talk to Carlisle."
"Yea," I agreed. "We will when we get back. I'm starved."
Jacob finally thawed out and turned to me. "Me, too." He took my hand and...
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posted by twilight_luv3





They're actually getting s’embrasser in the f***ing lunchroom. toi have got to be kidding me. Great. Now Cullen feels the painful need to emballage, wrap his arms around her and murmer sweet nothings in her ear.

Could this get any worse?

Damnit Mike! Why would toi say that? It always actually gets worse when toi say that.

Because now Bella is on his lap and they are very close. I'm talking you-can't-slip-a-f***ing-piece-of-paper-between-them close.

My future wife is s’embrasser the freak. And I think I just saw him f***ing smirk. Motherf***er.

She could be with me and we would be so much happier....
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posted by Summer_Leanne
I'm hoping y'all are loving it. Don't be afraid to tell me who toi like the most and who toi want plus emphasis on. l’amour toi guys! (not only because you're reading, but because toi guys are awesome Twihearts! ^.^)
Everyone headed to their rooms for the night, but not until they reassured Summer that they didn’t blame her for Aro’s suspicions. “Thank toi everyone. toi all are montrer plus compassion towards me than I actually deserve.” “Absolutely not!” Alice quickly protested. She danced her way over to Summer and gave her an ample,...
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 Bella's maillot de bain
Bella's Swimsuit
Over the suivant couple of weeks everyone was talking about me and edward.They a dit nice things but they also a dit bad things and i head them all and i even heard some from rosalie hale.She is really angry and jelous about me and edward and she really hated me she a dit i am stealing her man and that she should ne marrying edward not me.
Today is the 25th of April 1919 the jour before me and edwards wedding.We have everything ready the ceremony the reception my dress everything.I am on my way to Edwards house to say bye to him as i will not be able to see him until tomorrow.I knock at the door and...
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This is our take on what happens after breaking dawn! Hope toi enjoy! If toi have any ideas, we would be very happy for toi to tell us about them.


“I have to tell them.” I thought “Today’s the day.” Hesitantly I approached my family, hoping my father, Edward, wouldn’t read my thoughts. My father shifted his eyes and met mine, they turned cold and dark and after a few moments, he grimaced. He did it. “I told toi not to.” I thought angrily. My mother, Bella, noticed my expression. She looked at us several times and finally asked, “What is it?” No one answered and...
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posted by twilight-7
Edward’s POV

Kayla’s eyes narrowed and I knew what was coming next. I couldn’t see it in her mind but I didn’t need to. I braced myself as I felt her power lift me into the air. I was soaring backwards, heading for the wall, when I felt something stop me. I was suspended in the air for less than a seconde before I was released from Kayla’s power. I landed on my feet and I looked at her. My wife, my Kayla. Her hand was on her stomach, protecting her child from me. She should be protecting the baby from herself. She should listen to me.
“Thank you,” I a dit to her. She had stopped...
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