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Chapter 2:
I woke up at 7 o clock, I was a little to excited to sleep any longer as today I was going to the château of Volterra for a tour. I l’amour my history, I learned that every an the people of Volterra hold a festival celebrating St Marcus’s day. They believe that Marcus chased vampires out of the Volterra and to this jour is still chasing vampires to keep them out of the Volterra. It was absurd I know but they believe it. It was really hot out today so I wore light jean shorts, white belly haut, retour au début with my white pumps, I put my hair in a messy bun, with my dark framed sunglasses, I brought...
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Alec and Honey
New Life.
Chapter 1:

I’m Honey Matthews. I’m 16 years old. I was going away for 4 weeks to Italy, Volterra. I have a deep desire to learn the history of the world. Volterra is full of history and meaning. There are many stories, festivals that the people of Volterra celebrate every year, never getting tired of the same celebration every year. People of Volterra like to stick to tradition, only a few minor changes are made, but everything else is the same.
I just flew out to Italy, it was a 3 heure flight from Londres Heathrow to Italy. I got a taxi from the airport to Volterra...
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posted by DarkStranger
Who the fuck she think she is? I'm not a damn puppy, which she can yell at.
I slammed my Volvo doors, taking all the rage on my lovely car. I breathe in trying to calm myself and trying to think straight. That was hard. All my pride was yelling at me to go back where I know Bella still was standing and scream at her more... and more.. and more... and mo- I punched my fist to the steering wheel. I closed my eyes and laid down comfortably in the driver seat.
How fucked up my life can be? Now I will have to clean that damn gym with Swan. WITH SWAN! toi know how fucked up this is? A lot. I can't...
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posted by Hellohoudini
Bronson Pelletier Addresses Rumors
By Twilight_News | 21 November 2010

Yesterday we picked up a rapporter from the UK Mirror that claimed Bronson Pelletier had been assaulted in a minor scuffle at a Twilight convention in the UK. The story essentially blamed gatecrashers. We put out feelers on Twitter, because the Mirror has made made mistakes before. In short order we received responded from many fans who were actually there.

Essentially the story boiled down to there were gatecrashers, but the person injured was a staff member who runs the convention, not Bronson. The police immediate took care...
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Hello female fans of the Twilight book series! We are inviting toi to take part in an online study that investigates your general attitudes and beliefs about the characters in the book and about your own life and relationships. The survey will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. To participate, toi must meet the following requirements:
1. toi are female
2. toi are currently romantically attached (i.e. toi are dating someone, in a relationship, ou married).
3. toi have read all four Twilight series livres at least once.
4. toi have proficiency in the English language.

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posted by twilighter-1
i hope Vampires really do exist, if they do, then i wish I'm in l’amour with one who's deeply in l’amour with me..

one who'd be fascinated to watch me sleeping,

one who doesn't have the courage to stay away from me anymore..

one who would risk everything just to make me sûr, sans danger again..

and lastly

One who would save me not because I'm his prey..

but because I'm his life..

( i wish!
i hope toi like it. :)
im dreaming again.

please leave a comment
what can toi say about it)
posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I think this story is going to be Taylor point of veiw from now on.PLease tell me what toi think and everything!! This might be turning out to be a Twilight story!!

Sorry this one is gonna be short the third one I wrote got deleted like the first too!! Stupid computer!!

Taylor POV

I walked out of the ligeguard's office and I heard the door open, I didn't think anything of I just kept walking. Taylor! Jesse just called my name. I wonder why? I thought to my self. Jesse?? I a dit as I turned around to face him. I am so sorry for s’embrasser toi but, I cut him off par saying " don't be sorry, I not" and...
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posted by surfergal
When I woke up, I turned over and looked at my clock and it a dit it was 6 am. I couldn't believe i woke up at six! I decided to get out of bed, I went over to my computer and checked the surf as I usually did. I saw that the waves are going to be great so I put on my bathingsuit and sweat pants and then a sweat chemise on. I grabbed my wetsuit out of the colset and went downstairs and ate breakfast. Alice was in the cuisine when I walked down.
Hey Addi, Whatcha doing up this early? she ask.
Oh, just the usual surfing all day. I told her.
I ate and then left for the garage got my bike and board...
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Okay, Here's all 8 of my chapters + my two l’amour stories.

I've decided to make all my Twilight story chapters into a book like thing, So that's why i put them all together in this, I'm naming it "Breaking Twilight."
i was also thinking "Breaking Eclipse"
but I'm still thinking, but yeah.
I'm glad everyone likes my story! x]
theres plus coming!
-Yuki <3

Chapter One: The Game.

It was
Saturday evening, I was sitting on one of the couches in my new family’s house,
I was waiting for Edward to come back with Renesmee ou as everyone else liked to call
her “Nessie” which I was getting used to par know....
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Sorry toi guys! I'm overwelming toi guys aren't I? I'm trying to post as many of these as I can. I'm already done with the series and is planning to write the sequel. So I kind of need to post as many as I can. It'll be confusing to put new and old story up at the same time! ^_^

Bella's POV

It has been passed 2 hours since Edward left. Sigh. To try not to make this harder than it needs to be. I mostly minded my own business. But if Aro ou Royce come, I follow their lead. But I hated to do it. When I look myself in the mirror. I really looked like a vampire. I got my Blood-red eyes back for...
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posted by genyva
4.    I Hate This Part

Knowing that I will see Jacob tomorrow really didn’t help my lack of sleep but Claire did. She was warm like Jake I fell asleep for longer then I imagined. When I woke up Claire was already downstairs dressed and ready for school she and Alice were eating breakfast –well Alice wasn’t – I saw that Alice made me so eggs.
“Hurry and eat so toi can go see what the studio looks like we just have to install some wires then were done ”Alice danced around me and made me a plate “where is Jake meeting you? Oh and I have some pants in that bag I...
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I can’t believe this is Monday already, time to go to school and act human, with all those people “Humans”
“Nessi are toi ready honey” my aunt Alice yelled.
“Yes I’m on my way” I graph my backpack and I started walking to the door.
“Rennesme sweetheart can we talk for a minute” my mom asked me
“Sure mom”
“Well honey tell me what’s going on? I see toi that toi are very sad”
“Mom I feel so bad, I can’t understand what’s going on, I fell so badly with JACOB, I told very horrible stuff and now I need him, he was my best friend and my big brother. He was there for...
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