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Enjouy :)

Chapter 6:

    “Hello Daughter” Says my scary excuse for a father responded. His voice always holding that evil glint and never the loving touch I always longed for as a young girl. “Isabella, how have toi been?” He asked, trying to sound sweet but failing.
    “Charlie how about toi and I get one thing straight shall we?” I asked taking a deep breath and continuing before he could say anything. “I am not your daughter. The right of toi calling me your daughter was taken away the jour toi decided to hit me.” I stated, pausing for seconde before continuing. “We may share DNA but Charlie all toi will ever be is a sperm donor.” I stated as calmly as I could.
    “Isabella, toi will regret saying those words to me. I promise to make your life a living hell if I have to just to make a point.”He said, after a few secondes of pausing he said. “I am your father, toi will never ever get rid of me” He paused again. “I promise you, I have kept every promise so far. So do not under estimate me at all young lady.” He breathed into the phone making me squirm in my seat.
    “Charlie, toi don’t scare me one but I am not little teenage girl who was too scared to fight back. The jour toi come near me ou my family and Friends is the jour I accidently shoot toi with the lovely gun in my home. I will make sure to kill toi and let toi suffer. So if I were toi I would think twice my sperm donor before threaten me.” I said. I was calm and being careful of everything I say over the phone.
    “My daughter, mark my words toi have not scene the last of me.” He ended, and then he hung up. I sighed, oddly feeling much better with myself at this moment, and then I have my whole life. I took a deep breath and then I turned around towards the people who were eavesdropping and were engrossed into every word I spit through my mouth towards the on person I hate out of my entire life.
    “Are toi guys done looking at me like I just Lost my mind?” I stated with a smile on my face.
    “Yes, we are done looking at toi like that but my thing is what the hell happened between Charlie and you?” Alice asked. I swear she is always the first one to be nosey. I swear the shorter people are the shorter the temper and also the shorter the patience level. Alice Cullen is my perfect example to this situation.
    “Yeah Bella, would u care to explain why your sperm donor and toi are getting into heated argument on the phone and then your threaten to kill him the suivant minute.” Emmett a dit with a smile.
    “Well, one to answer Alice’s question he started to say crap about how I am still his daughter but I nipped that in the butt. He just threatened basically to make my life a living hell and I did the same as toi heard. I made him mad and the only thing I can say to that is boo hoo.” I stated all in one breathe. It felt good to be able to stand up for myself and be the strong independent women my mother would want me to be. “Secondly, to answer Emmett’s question about the gun, Charlie a dit that he would do something because he promised I would regret everything I said. In conclusion I promised him in returned if he tried anything on my family and Friends then I would accidently use the gun in my accueil to shoot him in self-defense.” I stated with a smile. I could most likely get used to being the care free and strong women I have become.
    “Bella, I am glad that toi stood up for yourself but toi need to be careful. This is Charlie we are talking about. Hun, he just threatened to take your life away because he wants toi to regret the words toi said. That’s a little bit scary if toi think about it.” Edward said, lacing his voice with real worry. I could see the worry and the fear on his face. It was a look I was not used to seeing on people when the emotion of worry and fear were concerned.
    “Yeah Bells, I think I would have to agree with Eddie boy on this one” Emmett said, while chuckling always the ours teddy ours that lightened the mood in a silenced room.
    “DON’T CALL ME EDDIE” Edward yelled, at Emmett. When it came to people calling him Eddie ou Ed he did not like it at all. He would freak but when I say freak it never went to the lengths of Charlie. Edward will only yell and then rant for a few seconds, after a few minutes he will laugh with the rest of us.
    “Eddie, don’t be rude. I was not done talking to Bells. What I was saying before be rudely interrupted was that I agree. I think we should wait awhile and make sure toi are never alone.” He said, we all know and l’amour the funny and kid-like Emmett but when the serious he came we didn’t mess around. Well I did but everyone else just listened. I sighed just as he stated “Bella Swan, toi better not be hard to deal with because I don’t have the patience and I wont take ou deal with it. Do toi understand me?” He stated, with an authority voice.
    “Yes Father” I a dit sarcastically. I was not a big fan of everyone fusing, caring, ou even really pretending to care about me. Though, when it came to Emmett I had a special place for him. He was always the on answering the midnight calls when Charlie ever went over board. Emmett was the big brother that I never had; therefore he was there with the first aid-kit to stitch me up. Emmett and I never told the gang about the arrangement we had together. It wasn’t about trust ou anything silly like that it was just the simple fact that the less people that were involved the less to get hurt. Though we both kind of thought Esme and Carlisle were starting to think something was up because Emmett was leaving the house so much during the weekend and at night that it would explain why they never asked nor commented.
    “Yes smartass. We understand that toi don’t like this plan but personally I don’t give two shits what toi think right now because as your friend and toi being my little sister and all it’s my job to make sure you’re safe. I have done it scene toi were sixteen and I am not about to stop now just because toi want to be a stubborn pain in my ass. Understand sis?” He ranted and ranted. God I didn’t know someone could go on that long.
    “All right, toi win for right now but once this is done I will get toi back toi back mister. Do we understand bro?” I stated, using the same teasing but serious tone. He nodded and I smiled. Everything is back to normal again. Emmett’s the non-serious and I am the non- smartass.
    “ Can someone please explain what just happened?” Alice asked, Edward. He just gave us both a look and just simply stated.
    “ Nope. Its Emmett and Bella what else can we do besides sit back and relax.” He stated calmly. A few mintues later, a door slammed from the froce of someone walking in but I could swear we locked that door. We all look at eachother and Emmett and Edward walk out frist but before we could walk out the door. The person who slammed the front door walked right into the cuisine wearing a shit eating grin.

Sorry about the hanger. I will make sure to post up suivant one soon. hope toi enjoyed
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Aquí les dejo este video que hice inspirada en el sentimiento de soledad y desprotección que refleja Edward, en lo mucho que necesita a Bella para que su vida tenga sentido
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A poem Solomon wrote while shooting Twilight (if i'm correct)
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