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posted by BiteMeCullen107
I woke up to the smell of breakfast down stairs, but I wasn’t sure if it was really made ou if Jacob had tried to kill my cuisine down stairs. I grabbed my peignoir de bain, peignoir and ran down the stairs faster then a normal human could. “Jacob Black what have toi done to my…” He turned around wearing my new tablier and had fleur all over his face. But my cuisine was spotless and my Jacob was covered in food. “I tried to keep it clean so toi wouldn’t die when toi came down stairs.” Jacob told me while whipping the fleur off with the tablier and walking towards me. “So what do toi think?” I was plus shocked then anything. The table, tableau had every type of breakfast nourriture I could think of and more. I was starving giving the fact that I was pregnant. So I leaped over to the table. Between me and Jacob there were no leftovers. “Wait here I have one plus surprise for you.” as he a dit that he was stuffing the last peace of his pancake into his papillon de nuit and ran out the door.

“Ok so toi know how I didn’t come to lit last night? Well there was a good reason for it. Come here.” I got up and walked to the front deck and right in front of the door was a white baby crib. I could feel the tears swelling up in my eyes. “So do toi like it? Right here is going to be the bébés name and Alice and Esme are ready to go shopping to pick out furniture to mach it.” I looked up at Jacob and then back down at the lit de bébé and back a Jacob again. “Did toi make this all last night?” I asked about to burst into tears. “Ya, do toi like it?” “I l’amour it!” I a dit rapping my arms around him. I kissed him and I could tell he was happy par the grin he had plastered on his face. I hugged him tighter and cried into his shoulder with happiness.

Jacob carried the lit de bébé into one of the empty rooms. “Were do toi want it?” I looked around and walked around to find the best place for it. “Right here,” I a dit pointing under the window. I remembered how much I liked my lit being under window so on a clear night I could look at the stars. Jacob walked over to me and set the lit de bébé down right were I pointed.

“I can’t wait for are baby to come.” He kneeled down and kissed my growing stomach. “I can’t wait to see what its going to be like to have are own living life we have to take care of.” I started to cry and Jacob got up off the ground. “What’s wrong? Are toi crying because you’re happy ou because something’s bothering you? Please Nessie tell me what’s wrong.” Jacob started to panic. “Jacob I’m 99% sure that when this baby is being born I’m going to die. I don’t think were going to be able to take care of this baby together in human flesh.” Jacob just looked at me confused then looked scared the he got angry. “NO! Look Renesmee your father and I saved your mother we can save toi from anything, if we need to your grandfather a dit that he could change toi right after toi give birth. Don’t talk like that because toi know that all nine of us will do anything to save and are baby.” He hugged me and kissed me with plus passion then he’s ever kissed me with. I nodded my head and he scooped me up into his arms and walked me to are bedroom.

“You need to sleep. Ok? I need to talk to your grandfather so if toi need me I’ll be there. I l’amour you.” he kissed me for head and was heading off. I fell to sleep as soon as Jacob left.

I was having strange dream no that I found out I was having a baby. But this one was a good dream. Jacob and I were in are living with are baby, well Jacob and are baby was I was plus looking down to them. I watched them play together and laugh. I started to talk to them but Jacob grabbed are baby and walked up the stairs I started screaming to him but he couldn’t here me. I started screaming at the haut, retour au début of my lungs COME BACK ! COME BACK! But they never did, I turned to lay on my back and the stars were above me now. I turned back on my stomach and I was floating in the middle of the ocean. It was freezing I could see me breath my body was becoming nom and I wasn’t able to keep going. I started to sink so I kicked for the surface but I every time I kicked it seem to drag me plus to the opposite direction I wanted to go in. I finally reached the bottom of the ocean there was nothing but sand and the cold black salt water. I wasn’t breathing but yet I was felt like I was. Then I was about to try to go back up as something dragged me deeper some how.

I woke up and looked at the clock, I was only asleep for a half and hour. I got out of lit and I was freezing but yet I was sweating. I grabbed another pare of PJ’s and headed for the shower. I turned it on as hot as it would go. I ended up filling the bathtub up and taking a bath. I sat there thinking about my dream which made no sense except for Jacob and are baby. Was it a dream that was suppose to mean something ou just be one of those crazy dream that mean nothing at all?
posted by twilight-7
Alice was forced to cut the shopping trip short after six calls from my mother.
“Get accueil now!” she demanded. “You shouldn’t be out in your condition.”
I rolled my eyes.
“I’m fine, mother,” I replied. “I’m not over exerting myself. Alice is doing all the shopping. I’m just sitting on a bench.”
That wasn’t exactly a lie. Alice was doing all the shopping as she was paying for it. I wasn’t sitting on a bench because there were no benches in a department store. I was in fact holding a little black dress up against me while looking in the mirror with my cell phone tucked...
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Just so toi all know, this and maybe one plus chapter will be the last of the chapters all be posting on this spot. I will be posting them on my spot only. It's called Edward_Bella234 if toi want to rejoindre and continue lire these. Here is the link:


Any way, onto the story...
End of Chapter 6

“Oh yum,” John a dit reaching for a cinnamon roll “That looks delicious, Carol!”
    “Thank you, John” my mother replied. “Esme, can toi go get some eggs from the hen house?...
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the following story is true ........meh i whiskey37 it made yuu laugh

'ash get up now' scott screamed into mi ear. scott was mi older brother, well one of mi older brothers i have 4. 'what do yuu want' i moaned. 'umm first jour of skewl remember reject' he a dit with a smart cul, ass tone then left.( right: skewl i think ill give it a miss i thought 2 miself and went bak 2 sleep). suivant thing mi alarm went off. my door crept open and 4 boys leapt on to the bed.'AWWW' i grunted 'GET OFF' 'GET UP' zaviour retalliated. aww i could feel the weight pushing down on me. 'ok fine' i yelled' 'thankyou'...
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Chapter 12: Monster Jakes POV
I felt like I was stuck in a recurring nightmare. Nessie had slept, almost comatose for four days straight. The excited atmosphere in the Cullen household surrounding the arrival of our child was gone. Everyone was silent; the house had a sense of malignancy lingering throughout it. Sam and Emily and my father stopped par and kept vigil in the living room. Emily was very helpful, she tended to Renesmee almost daily along with Bella; but she did plus of the work because Bella wouldn’t set foot into a room that I was in and I never left Nessie’s side.
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posted by Isabellaashley
salut everyone, here's a sneck prévisualiser of my new story which is titled as Destiny... I just wrote a few pages and wanted some opinion from everyone!!! Hope toi enjoy this!!!



I found myself standing in the very woods that I’d promised to stay away from but I had my reasons for being here. It was getting darker and colder so I wrapped my veste around me tighter. The woods were filled with silence and I looked around for any signs of the slayer. As I heard the leaves on the ground rustling, I turned around and there he appeared from...
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posted by jamiesue00
I was so exhausted on the plane ride accueil I was asleep for most of it. Jacob never let me go; he had his arms around me the whole time. I was so grateful to have him in my life and for having a wonderful family that never gave up on looking for me. Every now and then I would wake up for a few secondes and hear things like permanent damage and lasting effects, I was sure everyone wanted me to be okay. The truth was; I was better than okay I was great. It may seem strange being taken away and held captive for almost a week, but it made me plus appreciative for everything and everyone in my life....
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posted by sh0rtiinedward
All night i started thinking in Julius, he is the most beautiful thing i ever seen, but there's something about him that make me scare but i don't know what it is.
"Nessi baby, can we talk" i turn around when i hear my dad's voice and i froze, i know that he will tell me that i was grounded of something.
"Mm sure dad, what's up?"
"Well like toi know, i know what happen today in the woods, i just want to let toi know that I'm not mad at toi i just, want toi to be happy, and meet new people, but take it easy toi know that we have a secret to hide from the real word" he a dit as he huge me
"i know...
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hello, i'm still at work but it's pretty calm now and i wrote till article 8 :D but i'm going to put just 2 up for today :-) Enjoy

Bella's pov

I saw Alice coming towards me in a hurry
“I’m so sorry, Bella. I shouldn’t have a dit it. I’m so sorry ...” She started saying but I interrupted her
“It’s okay Alice, I’m sorry too I overreact.....” I wasn’t even finished apologizing and she gave me a hug
“I know, we are both sorry” she a dit back and she stopped hugging me and then looked at me with a big smile.
“You still have to receive your present” she said
“What present”...
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posted by VampirePrinsess
I sat on the plane, reflecting as I watched the world rush par below, so much smaller than it seemed when toi were down there, part of it.
Three years ago, I'd just been visiting Europe with my mom, Renee; she wanted to "see the sights" before she married Phil and settled down. We'd not been there long, maybe a few days, when it happened. It was dark, and we'd gone out to see the city - I could never remember where, exactly - at night... It'd been the last thing we'd done together. All I could clearly remember from that night was the fear, the terror, the screaming... the pain. I shuddered away...
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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Edward: Happy Birthday, Bella.

Bella: Screw my birthday, I don’t wanna grow up!

Edward: You’re like Peter Pan, except you’re a girl!

Bella: About that…

Edward: What?

Bella: Nothing.

Edward: Let’s go to my place.

Bella: Giving in? The perfect present…

Edward: Hell no! toi think I’m weak?! WELL I’LL montrer toi WEAK! –Bends down to Bella’s neck-

Bella: Edward, wait for Victoria to kill me. She has plus practice.

Edward: Let’s go inside!

Alice: Surprise! Big huge party to be celebrated par only 8 people! WOO!

Bella: I totally didn’t see this coming…

Esme: I baked toi this wonderful cake!...
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Chapter 11: The Times They Are a Changin’

“So, toi have an ice house.” I offered. It was a nice house a decent size with beautiful furniture. But it had an empty feel to it. Sienna shrugged, a house and a accueil are two different things she a dit bitterly. Ever since my mother died my father consumes himself with work. My sister Jessica took off after graduation she lives in Buffalo, NY. I was not really close with her we are complete opposites. I guess toi could say my mom was the glue that held this family together”. “How long il y a did she die? I asked. “I was a baby I don’t even...
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posted by kristine_cullen
Warning: This is just coming from me, and was done out of boredom and maybe some motivation. Its just a fiction, so nothing is real. So dont be upset if toi wont find Bella in that story, it wouldnt make sense otherwise. Enjoy.

SideNote: I know that Edward isnt as straight vers l'avant, vers l’avant in the books, and in the suivant chapter he will change. I just wanted Ashley to fall in l’amour with him for the right reasons, instead of being obsessed.

Waking up didnt feel right, being here was somehow strange. I sat up in my bed, stretching and tried to remember what had happened last night. Letting out some low sigh,...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
 Angel in the sky!
Angel in the sky!
by: BuffyFaithfan1
Chapter Three: Conversations With Dead People...
I opened my eyes and found myself back in the white lit and no one was around to talk to, ou to jump into there arms, ou to just argue with. No doctors, no footsteps, and most of all, and the saddest part, no Mile. Even though he didnt really run with me in his arms through the maze of The Fear, he never held me close to him in his arms. ou smile at me, ou look at me, ou even see me. I couldn't take it, it hurt a little to not even see him around my lit ou in my room some where like he promised. I just stared at...
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posted by angiehomas
how frustrating life can be to many centurys of the same thing.always searching never finding what i am looking for.jumping from one figure to the can i intraduce myself when i have no permanent form to call my to explain.i can take on any form of my choosing i have been nearly every animal i have even been the wind blowing through ones nose and out the mouth that was extremly weird.i have been dirt of which toi walk on doors being closed.i am not whole because until i find my soulmate i cannot find a permanent body.all of them creatures i have inhabited and there enampt chatter...
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posted by mikaela_isabela
okay, there is a bad part with edward, but dont worry...they sort it out, so dont freak! enjoy!

I woke up early that morning, the nightmare scaring me awake. This time, I was running through the airport looking for Edward and the Cullen’s and Jacob and the pack. I saw them all heading into the gates, and as I got close to them, the doors slammed shut, locking them away from me.
I heard the phone ring. It stopped so I assumed Charlie answered it. I heard him heading up the stairs. I hid under my blankets pretending to be asleep.
“Hold on, I’ll see if she’s awake.” Charlie murmured quietly....
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