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Alice’s POV
“Promise me we’ll be together forever.” I asked looking in his bright brown eyes that matched my dark brown. I saw the worry behind his eyes.
“Forever.” He replied s’embrasser my forehead. We had been dating for a an and he was a permanent fixture in my life. I had a bad feeling that something was about to sever our ties and I didn’t know what. We finally climbed out of my lit around noon and went out to a nearby park.
“What’s up, babe?” Jasper asked.
“Nothing, just thinking.” I said. I was usually good about getting a feeling about what was going to happen before it did. Something just wasn’t right and I didn’t know what.
“About what? Is something wrong? Did toi have another vision, babe?” Jasper asked. He was the only one who accepted that I had these feelings. My parents kicked me out of the house at 15 and I started living with Jasper. Shortly after, we found out our feelings ran deeper than just Friends so we started dating. My sixteenth birthday, I received a letter from my mother saying she had gotten me an apartment to live in until I came of age. Jasper and I were seniors in high school at Forks High.
“No, not really. That’s it I can’t see anything. It’s like someone’s messing with my visions. I have a bad feeling though.” I a dit as a tear slipped down my face. Jasper reached across the car and wiped the tear before it hit my cheek.
“We can figure this out. What do toi see?” Jasper asked.
“Nothing. That’s it, I can’t see anything. I tried and everything is blurry and fuzzy.” I a dit trying once again and getting nothing but static. My head was throbbing from the effort I’d put forth the past couple of hours. “There’s no use.”
“Why don’t we try to relax and maybe they’ll come back.” Jasper a dit trying to help. I agreed and we went to sit on the swings. As I sat there I tried over and over to get something. Anything that could clue me into what was going to happen to Jasper. Jasper laid his hand on mine. “Are toi trying to see our future?”
“Yea, nothing again.” I said.
“It will be okay, sweetie.” Jasper coaxed.
“No, what if something happens to you?” I shouted angrily.
“Nothing is going to happen to me, baby.” Jasper assured me. “Look ice cream.” I followed his gaze to a guy pushing a chariot, panier of ice cream.
“Let’s get some.” I offered getting up. I took Jasper’s hand in mine and we walked towards the guy.
“Would toi two like some ice cream?” the guy asked.
“Yes please, two chocolat cones please.” Jasper said.
“You are a very cute young lady.” The vender said.
“Excuse me.” Jasper a dit irritated.
“I was simply being polite.” The guy a dit throwing his hands in the air.
“Come on baby.” Jasper a dit pulling me along back to his car. We sat on the capuche, hotte and finished eating our ice cream. “I’m sorry for my performance back there. I shouldn’t have done that. I acted way impolitely and irrational.” Jasper started. I crushed my lips to his silencing him. I felt his hands run up my back into my long dark hair. Then I caught sight of something that wasn’t in my surroundings. I saw Jasper and he was at his job when someone came in with a gun and shot him. I saw the blood pool par his body as he clutched his chest. Then everything was back to normal except Jasper was looking at me strangely.
“You can’t go into work today. You’re going to die.” I blurted out. A nearby woman looked at me with disgust. Jasper wrapped his arms around me and the tears streamed down my face. I felt my body heaving against Jasper’s chest and he just sat and rubbed my back.
“It will be okay. I won’t go in today.” Jasper cooed. I wiped my face and looked into his bright brown eyes and saw he would do anything for me. I hugged him tight and he squeezed me back. “Now, let’s get out of here.”
“Okay.” I a dit climbing back into his car. We drove out onto the highway and Jasper called in sick. “Where are we going, Jazzie?” I was the only one he allowed to call him that.
“Anywhere toi want, Ali Cat.” Jasper a dit using my nickname.
“Let’s just drive until we get tired and head back home.” I said. We drove for hours before retiring accueil tired and stiff. I climbed the stairs to my apartment with Jasper at my heel at felt a cold wind blowing. I put my key in the door unlocking it and slipped inside. Once inside I turned on every light and went to the kitchen. “You hungry, baby?”
“Yes ma’am, what do toi have?” Jasper asked.
“Cookies, chips, ice cream, popcorn, candy.” I listed.
“Something sweet like you.” Jasper a dit appearing behind me. He snaked his arms around my waist and pulled my close to his chest. I inhaled his scent as he breathed in my face. “Candy sounds good.” He a dit disappearing just as quickly as he’d come.
“Hey, I’m not that easy.” I teased. Jasper and I hadn’t done anything besides kiss.
“I know that’s why I l’amour you.” Jasper called. I followed his voice to the living room to see him sprawled out on my couch. I crawled up suivant to him just as his phone rang.
Official clip from the Twilight movie - Edward and Bella in a restaurant in Port Angeles
Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
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"Dark blue (dark blue) Have toi ever been alone in a crowded room? Well I'm here with you, I a dit the world could be burning 'til there's nothing but dark blue..." Song: Dark Blue Artist: Jack's Mannequin
they ask Rob and Kristen what the best part of working on twilight was...
This is Made par Tiffany666 (she's amazing)
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