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posted by emmab13
 Commando Mike
Commando Mike
This story was inspired par a fan who sent me art work on my Facebook Page, Zoey Total Drama Revenge of the Island. Check it out if toi have a Facebook. I hope toi like this story. I might me rusty because I haven't written a story in so long, so enjoy. I also want to say about this story that Mike and Zoey are in college, but it's during the summer. Also, It's in short chapters

Chapter 1
It was just another jour at the psychiatrist. Zoey was waiting for Mike to come out through the doors of the office. There...
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posted by SvetXMani
 The collier
The Necklace
Here's a story about Manitoba and Svetlana meeting in one of the craziest ways ever. So, hope toi guys enjoy.
Deep in the country of Russia a baby girl was being born. Though after, her mother died. The 24 an old woman just closed her eyes and died on the medical bed. George, the father, kneeled beside the woman he longed for, and now she was gone. "Sir," one of the doctors said, "I'm so sorry,". The tall man stood up. His eyes were starting to tear up. "Thank you," George told the doctor. "Would toi like us to leave and get toi daughter...
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posted by emmab13
These first couple paragraphs was written par kitty190123. She also helped with some of the stuff i wrote.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------So, After TDROTI, Mike and Zoey started dating and decided to get married. So, they go and Mike wears a tuxedo and tie and Zoey wears a dress with a big string of pearls in the back. "You look beautiful" says Mike. "You too." says Zoey. Then, they say vows and then for some reason take an intermission. (The best lady Takota wanted to have people take pictures of her). So they all decided to have cake and beverages...
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posted by emmab13
I was just sitting around and I thought what it would it be if two of the personalities fell in love. So this story is about Svetlana and her l’amour story.(p.s. this has nothing to do with the Taylor rapide, swift song)

It was just another Wendsday night. A young girl with black hair and tan skin was sitting down on the cold hard floor. She's been sitting there all day. Svetlana was thinking about something she needed. Love. The other personalities haven't noticed her just sitting there alone. That night Mike came in to visit his personalities....
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its in french
total drama revenge of the island
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