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posted by Supernatural67
 Duncan wallpaper.
Duncan wallpaper.
When I first saw an episode of Total Drama Island, instantly I knew that Duncan was my favori character. He's the bad boy on the episode, and a valuable member to the team. He's been in juvie plus times that he's been to school and came from a family of police officers. Duncan was always the rebel of the family, and the only reason he signed up for Total Drama Island was to get out of plus juvie. Even though he always trys to be bad, he is really a good person underneath his bad boy attitude.

Duncan was always clashing with Courtney, until they got close. He was constantly pranking Harold...
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posted by Bridgette_rocks
Welcome to Messenger.

PunkyPrincess has logged on.

juvyboyy has logged on.

PunkyPrincess: salut Dunc
juvyboyy: Sup Princess

Angelgal has logged on

Angelgal: Hi Duncan! How are you?
juvyboyy: im kk
PunkyPrincess: ho is dis?
Angelgal: I'm courtney. Nice to meet you.
PunkyPrincess: u can just talk in txt spk
Angelgal: ???
juvyboyy: just spk lke u would 2 a m8 on ur mobile
Angelgal: Oh.

Surferchick has logged on

Angelgal: salut bridge
Surferchick: Sup court
Angelgal: nm
PunkyPrincess: heyya bridge!
Surferchick: Lauren!!!
PunkyPrincess: !!!
juvyboyy: well i g2g cya.
PunkyPrincess: Meet @ piercing store 2morrow k dunc
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salut its duncan little sister AKA Brooke!!! just here to countinue with the story of me & spikes going out!!! people have asked me, "Who is Spikes?" well if toi have read my précédant articles toi will see that he is Duncan's best friend. Here is what happened on the IM today.
juvenile girl: Duncan?
he didn't respond
juvenile girl: im in trouble aren't i.
juve dude: yes, yes toi are
juvenile girl: im sorry. :-(
juve dude: apology not accepted
juvenile girl: toi do know hes in the hospital right?
juve dude: HES WHAT?!?!
juvenile girl: didn't Chris tell you?
juve dude: NO!!!
juvenile girl: yeah well....
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 this is their cousin, miley cyrus
this is their cousin, miley cyrus
"So, what did Mom text toi about?" Stacey asked."She a dit ' I have good news and bad news, get accueil quick!' So I guess we should make it accueil before lunch is over" Juliet said. They got accueil and went to the basement door. They pressed a red button suivant to their basement door. A flash was seen under their door. The door swung open and their mom was standing in the doorway. "Get in here! This is important." she said. They walked into their wizard classrom/basement "What's the problem,Mom?" Juliet asked. "Well, the good news is Cousin Miley is coming over to stay for the school year, so she will...
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I made my way back into the woods and sat on a log a few 10 ft from the camp. I heard footsteps run after me and I scowled. "I don't want toi here!" I screamed. "Fine, I'll leave. GOSH." a dit I voice. I turned around and saw Harold. "Harold!!" I yelled glomping him. "What??" He asked in the same tone as me. "Nothing. I'm just glad your here." I mumbled in his chemise with out looking up. "Ok. Do toi want to talk, Sofie?" He asked sitting on the log. I did too once again, and sighed, "Yeah." He smiled. "You know toi can always talk to me." He put his arm around me. I laid my head on his shoulder....
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I was walking toward the confessional to cast my vote for tonight, when a thought popped into my head. Maybe they won't miss me at the bon fire? I ran to the crowd of Killer Bass's and stopped 2 of them on their way to the camp feu pit. "Hey! Katie, Sadie!" I whispered hoarsely. They turned around and smiled. "Hi Sofie!" Katie squealed. "SHHHHHH!!!" I a dit pulling on their shirts. They crouched down in the bushes with me and I whispered something in their ears. When I was done they smiled, nodded, and kept walking.
*Sofie confessional*

"Do I feel bad about ordering them to tell everyone not...
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