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Courtneyfan214 posted on Dec 19, 2011 at 01:17AM
ok everyone is having a good time at the beach then a evil sayian female shows up and plans to destroy the planet.
jen: who are you?

appina: the names appina i'm a survivor of frieza destruction of the planet.

jen: what planet?

appina: the planet we escaped from? planet vegeta!

jen: there's a planet named after vegeta?

appina: don't play dumb you were there when the planet was close to extinction.

Sign up:link

jen: but i don't remember!

appina: well fine. say good bye to the planet.
Blizter fire!!!

jen: oh no you don't!!! shine lazer!!!

appina: *teleports in front of jen and kicks her in the stomach*

jen: *lays on the floor in pain*

appina:*evil laughs*
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