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This Tokio Hotel photo might contain jersey, t-shirt, tee-shirt, maillot, and tee shirt.

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Tom was standing at the door looking at the two small children sitting on the couch.

“They don't bite toi know,” Bill said, kneeling down to
hand them their drinks.

“Thank toi Uncle Bill,” they a dit politely, before slurping their orange jus, jus de through a straw.

Even though Bill and Tom were their cousins they still called them ‘Uncle’ because their mommy taught them to be polite.

Tom just shrugged, wondering why the hell Bill had agreed to watching their nieces. He sighed and walked up to Bill who was still kneeling down. They shared a look before leaving the room. Bill told them he'd...
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I'm trying to tell you
I'm trying to know you
I'm dying to montrer you
Fighting to get you

Soon as toi got me
You go and drop me
It's cruel when toi burn me
I l’amour how toi hurt me

Oh no, I'll never let toi go
Oh no, I hate that I need toi so

It's not what toi said
It's the way toi say it
It's not what toi did
It's the way toi do it
Sick and tired of needing your affection
I chose to be lonely than live without your

I scatch your sweet name
Right into my skin
You left me bleeding
But I couldn't give in

I swallowed all the poison to get infected
Give back my cœur, coeur that toi body rejected

Oh no, I'll never let...
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