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Girls’ Generation members showered their l’amour to fellow member Tiffany, who is celebrating her birthday today, through their respective SNS accounts.

On August 1, Jessica posté on Weibo, “Happy birthday t!! today is your day~all yours! thank u for always being such an understanding and lovely friend (now family hehehehe keep up the smile and "loud voice!!!" ;) p.s u make a cool mom for prince! ahem and i make a cool auntie”, and shared a photo of herself and Tiffany together.

Yuri also wrote on her Instagram, “Happy b jour tiff ♥ #ImHappyWeWereAbleToBeTogether”, along a photo Tiffany...
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Tiffany Experiences A 'Pink Fantasy' For Beauty+

Girls' Generation member Tiffany starred in "Pink Fantasy" for the December issue of Beauty+. The highly anticipated issue follows an everlasting party theme, because of the end of the an festivities. The featured topics include 'fastball' cosmetics, the keratin face mask trend, and holiday makeup tutorials.

Tiffany's pictorial included a lot of pink, since that is the star's favori color. She modeled fourrure coats, white stockings, short-shorts and open-toe pumps while posing on a lit with a dramatic headboard. The set...
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Tiffany is stunning in both 'girlish' and 'chic' makeup looks for 'IPKN'

Girls' Generation's Tiffany is looking absolutely lovely in the new making video for makeup brand IPKN!

For the Fall/Winter 2015 season, she's sporting both 'girlish' and 'chic' concepts, and she pulls off each look beautifully. In the video, Tiffany explains the two contrasting makeup looks and reveals Bangtan Boys clips of her posing on set.

The 'girlish' look is a rose and feminine look, while her 'chic' concept takes on a bold, red lip.
 Look she was even pretty when she was younger:D
Look she was even pretty when she was younger:D
For those who believe SNSD's Tiffany is plastic,your obviously wrong. She is perfectly natural! So toi antis say "Well she got double eye lid surgery",wrong. She DOES have eye lids but they are hard to see because they are small,just look at her pre-debut pictures. It looks like her eye lids are plus noticeable right now because theres this thing call makeup where from time to time people like lining the eyelids out so it would montrer plus than usual. Another thing toi antis say is "She got her nose done,its totally fake if toi ask me.",she didn't. Its because from the pictures toi guys are looking...
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"It was really Rebelle of her,really. I had my whole family supporting me. They are here with me right now,but she still doesn't have her family here and now she's so big and so populaire here in Korea, and even internationally. She is one of the four members with the biggest fanbase in Korea. And she is the most well-known member internationally. Her mother would be so proud of her. I l’amour her so much. She's my favorite." -- SNSD Jessica

"Tiffany isn't the lead dancer but she knows her weaknesses well, and so she is willing to improve. People often mistake her as the member who is weakest in dancing,...
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 Tiffany selca
Tiffany selca

i dont know why some SONES a dit tiffany is a jerk ou mean. she's really kind and nice.
You will never listen to a member talking bad about her, if toi really a SONE shouldn't toi l’amour all the snsd members? and not doing rumors ou awful nicknames to them?.


How can toi a dit your even a SONE if toi hate one member ou think they don't diserve to be in the group? if toi think that then toi are the real jerk and toi should be consider and ANTI (sorry for being harsh but is the truth)
All of them diserve to be members of GIRLS GENERATION because for some reason...
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A baby photo of Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany has been revealed.

The photo above was recently shared on an online community board and showed Tiffany when she was a young girl, wearing a rose dress with her hair tied up. She looked like she was posing as a ballerina, with her hands in a cercle around her head. fans noticed that her cute looks and her famous eye-smile didn’t change at all since when she was a child.

fans commented, “She is so cute“, “Is she learning ballet?“, and “She barely changed from when she was little“.
Following the wild success of the debut solo album from Girls' Generation member Taeyeon, her bandmate Tiffany was thought to be suivant in line for the individual spotlight.

Amid heavy speculation from fans that Tiffany Hwang would drop an album in early 2016, unconfirmed reports spread to Korean news sites, forcing the singer's record label, SM Entertainment, to issue an official statement to address the rumors.

Their statement was short and to the point: "Nothing is certain yet."
SM neither confirmed nor denied when ou if Tiffany would have a solo debut, so hopes are still high for a 2016 debut.
For the time being, both Tiffany and Taeyeon are currently busy promoting with their Girls' Generation project group TaeTiSeo (also including member Seohyun) for their Christmas-themed single "Dear Santa."
Photographer Jo Se Hyun guested on the December 24th episode of MBC‘s ‘Happy Day‘ and praised Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany for her positive personality.

Reporters visited the scene of the photographer’s photo exhibit, ‘The 10th Letters from Angels‘, for the release of his new pictorial on raising awareness for adoptees and single mothers.

The photographer commented, “If we combined all of the fees that the celebrity mannequins should have been paid for for their participation, it would amount in the billions of won (7 figures in USD). If it were not for their support, I don’t believe...
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'Happy Birthday, SM' Girls' Generation's Tiffany Congratulates Lee Soo Man On His Birthday

Girl group Girls' Generation's member Tiffany congratulated SM Entertainment's CEO Lee Soo Man on his 63rd birthday.

"Happy birthday," posté Tiffany on her Instagram on Thursday along with a picture.
The picture is a cute self-camera of Tiffany. Tiffany is making cute faces at the camera while pointing at Lee Soo Man who is in the background, standing in front of his desk.
Lee Soo Man celebrated his 63rd birthday on this day.
Well,for starters,They are very talented in their own ways. Like Taeyeon,she had a very beautiful and strong voice yet shes very dorky,shes allergic to nuts. Jessica,she is known as the ice princess of the group and some people say she is cold on the outside but once toi get to know her she is very sweet and down to her on the inside,shes allergic to cucumbers. Sunny,very well known for her constant cute aegyo. Tiffany,has a very charming eye-smile that captivates everyone's eyes when shown,she speaks english very well(like jessica),she hates bugs. Hyoyeon,known has the "Dancing queen" of snsd....
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'Letter From Angel', a project conducted par photographer Cho Sei Hon, releases solo shots of SNSD's Tiffany holding an innocent and pure baby on her arms.

Earlier this month, we've shared TaeTiSeo's photos but this time, Tiffany's solo photos touch the hearts of her fans. Tiffany looks like a loving mother wrapping the tiny baby on her arms as she wears a big smile on her face while looking at the baby with full of love.

The fans are very particular as they commented, "Tiffany would be a loving mother in the future!","What a pretty and heartwarming photo.","Tiffany toi would make a wonderful mommy.","These photos touch me." and so on.

Do the photos touch your hearts too?

plus photos --> link
 Tiffany voted as the best concept for i got a boy
Tiffany voted as the best concept for i got a boy
Yay! our tiffany after a vote tha SM did for SNSD (about who member, it's look describe the i got a boy in the MV)
They choose fany!,something that is really rared becuase ssince the start, she has never have been voted number one on a, concept of a song!, Im really proud on tiffany after all her hardwork she made it, IGAB, must be her song :)

And if u dont believe me then chercher for this link and toi can see, that im not lying, and she really is a hardworking

Good luck in the future, Stephanie!


 Tiffany fighting!
Tiffany fighting!
Isn't it obvious if you've seen my photos of her and my posts about and of tiffany on my tumblr toi would pretty much know im an instant Tiffanism(; dont get me wrong,i like all the other members too,its just that i like tiffany a bit more:P i absolutely l’amour her voice.period. Its so smooth and pretty,like when she sang "Because it you",i raped the replay button for literally about 2 weeks!! Was is that good for those of toi who have not heard it?VERY,I RECOMMEND toi GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW ON YOUTUBE! Lol,so yeahhh. Tiffany,her eye smile~~ its like so pretty because her teeth are so white and...
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Tiffany (Girls Generation/SNSD)
Because It's toi l’amour Rain OST


Don't say that you're sorry
l’amour isn't over for me yet
If we break up like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* I just have l’amour alone but I can't even love
I can't even say the words that I really want to say
The l’amour that is getting farther away
The words that I can't keep - they are making me cry

Don't say thank you
I want to give toi all my l’amour but
If we were to truly be strangers like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* Repeat

I l’amour toi - what do I do because I l’amour you?

It's okay even if it's a painful love
Even if I erase the last l’amour in my life
toi are someone that cannot be erased
Even if it's a sad destiny, I can't let toi go
I l’amour toi because it's you

Because to me, it's you
Why hate on fany? Do some people think she's evil ou something? Not to me,she's like my inspiration. toi guys think she's annoying when she talks english and say "I want to coup de poing her in the face". Would toi like it if people a dit they wanted to coup de poing toi in the face when speaking english? Im thinking not. She is a very strong girl. She left her family to fulfill her dream half way across the world like 4-5 years ago,yet toi guys have the gut instinct to call her "weak" and "cold hearted". As i mentioned before in my other article about tiffany,she cares alot for people who help out like the...
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Girl group Girls' Generation's member Tiffany revealed self-taken photos.

"NOMNOM," posté Tiffany on her Instagram on Friday along with a picture.

In the picture, Tiffany is wearing a short white dentelle top, eating something and looking at the camera.

She seems to be filming for their new musique video.
Girls' Generation is planning to make a comeback this July and are currently preparing for it.