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 I l’amour rose !!
1. Fany’s special habit is cutting her nourriture before eating

2. Fany likes to scratch her body in her dorm (who doesn't?)

3. SNSD once left accueil without Tiffany par accident, and Tiffany actually came running after them in tears. (aww)

4. Fany is the youngest among 3 siblings

5. Fany is the least who washes among the 9 members

6. Tiffany is actually the funniest in their dorm.

7. Tiffany’s dad wanted her to study business.. but she cried and made him change his mind with her ‘magic'

8. Fany is obsessed with the color pink.

9. Tiffany, Sunny, and Go Ara (an actress with SM) once went over to Karaoke...
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Basic Profile:

Stage Name: Tiffany (티파니)
Birth Name: Stephanie Hwang (스테파니 황)
Korean Name: Hwang Mi Young (황미영)
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist
Nicknames : Spongebob Hwang, Fany Fany Tiffany, Human Jukebox, Mushroom, Tiffiana, JumFany, AjumNy, Ddilfany, Bam Fany
Motto : Just work hard (Practice makes Perfect)
Languages : Korean , English (Fluent) , Chinese (Basic) , Japanese (Basic), Spanish (Basic)
DOB: August 1, 1989
Born at : San Fransisco
Height: 162.6cm
Weight: 50kg
Languages : English
Hobbies : Flute
School: Korea Kent Foreign School, Graduated, Middle School - South Pointe...
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“As much as toi want to do it and as much as toi put into it, that’s exactly how much it comes back to you.”


"God is not helping me just so that I can live well alone. I also want to be a good example to younger fans."


“I definitely think that it’s not a far away dream as long as it has that much passion and the passion gives toi responsibility."


"Everybody goes through a tough time and I thought I wasn't ready ou I would want it to stop, but now I'm thanking god for each and every obstacle because he is only trying to bring the best out in us. So...
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Lyric writer par : Kwon Yuri

.:::::SNSD – Mistake Lyrics:::::.

Sica – I’m still at the same place
I’m weary from wandering par your side
Seohyun – Even today, as I was wandering
Day has passed again and again.
Now I’m here
Sooyoung – toi know. toi know that my cœur, coeur is hurting
Yoona – Watching toi smile makes my cœur, coeur ache more
It’s my mistake for not making toi l’amour me more
It’s my mistake for loving toi plus than toi l’amour me
It’s my mistake for not making toi l’amour me as much as I wanted toi to.
Taeyeon – How much longer must I cry
As I only trust that promise
Sunny – toi lied...
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On the November 23rd airing of KBS2 ‘Star Life Theater‘, the ladies of SNSD revealed what their everyday lives are like off-camera.

SNSD’s Tiffany showed her soft side as she shared a story about her family. She began par revealing that when she joined the group, she was only 16 years old. “It had only been two years since my mother had passed away, and I didn’t know it at the time but I was Lost and a little rebellious. The only thing that made me happy was music.”

“And the plus I worked, the further my relationship with my father suffered. I thought about it, and I realized I have spent very little time with him. It breaks my heart“, she admitted, unable to hold back her tears.

But on the same episode, Tiffany was able to put on her first successful musical performance, earning the high praises and cheers of the audience members.

source & Image: allkpop
 Taeyeon, u are my best friend forever - Tiffany
Taeyeon, u are my best friend forever - Tiffany
1. “My personal wish for the new an would be that Tiffany doesn’t fall down anymore.”

2. “You know how people turn up musique volume really high when they feel happy while driving? Even in that environment, toi can hear what Tiffany is saying. I guess that strains her vocal chord a lot. Tiffany often suffers from that and it makes me worried a bit.”

3. “I unconsciously open my mouth when I watch tv, so Tiffany always closes my mouth for me par pushing my chin up ever since our training days.”

4. “We spent 3 years of memorable time together,laughing and crying. I hope toi stay this way forever. Let’s talk plus often. I l’amour toi Miyoung.”

5. “Her voice is usually loud, even when she doesn’t fight. I woke up this morning to the sound of Tiffany’s voice.”

6. “She(Tiffany) is a jewel to me.”

- Kim TaeYeon
posted by MoOoOoN

Stage Name: Tiffany
Birth Name: Stephanie Hwang
Korean Name: Hwang Mi Young
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist
Nicknames : Spongebob Hwang, Fany Fany Tiffany, Human Jukebox, Mushroom, Tiffiana, JumFany, AjumNy, Ddilfany, Bam Fany
Motto : Just work hard (Practice makes Perfect)
Languages : Korean , English (Fluent) , Chinese (Basic) , Japanese (Basic), Spanish (Basic)
DOB: August 1, 1989
Born at : San Fransisco
Height: 162.6cm
Weight: 50kg
Languages : English
Hobbies : Flute
School: Korea Kent Foreign School, Graduated, Middle School - South Pointe (US), High School - Diamond Bar (US)
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It’s been recently revealed that SNSD‘s Tiffany injured her right ankle during SM Town‘s concert that was held in Seoul on August 21st. She is currently wearing a cast, and according to SM Entertainment, her injury fortunately is not serious.

Through a phone call with Newsen, a representative of SME stated:

To protect her ankle, she had to wear a cast. She injured her ankle during SNSD’s performance during the concert. Due to the upcoming Japanese showcase, we thought it was the best choice to make her wear a cast. … Her injury will not affect SNSD’s upcoming showcase. … The girls...
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Starting with the kid leader:

1. "I can't give Tiffany away,she is forever my wife. MiYoung ah, this is your Taengoo husband! Tiffany jjang!"
- SNSD TaeYeon


2. "It was really Rebelle of her,really. I had my whole family supporting me. They are here with me right now,but she still doesn't have her family here and now she's so big and so populaire here in Korea, and even internationally. She is one of the four members with the biggest fanbase in Korea. And she is the most well-known member internationally. Her mother would be so proud of her. I l’amour her...
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A short discourse on how our favourite “eye smiles” girl rose from “mushroom” to “angelic” Tiffany.

Born on August 1st 1989 in California, USA, the youngest of 3 siblings, who can forget the jour our favourite “mushroom” appeared on the fans’ “radar screen” as the adorable “eye smiles” girl of the Korean Pop group “Girls Generation.”

From flubbing her song lines to missing her dance steps, to being too “direct” to her Korean elders, Tiffany (Stephanie) did almost everything that guaranteed a quick and ignominious exit from the K-Pop scene!

Yet, here she is, 4...
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Tiffany (Girls Generation/SNSD)
Because It's toi l’amour Rain OST


Don't say that you're sorry
l’amour isn't over for me yet
If we break up like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* I just have l’amour alone but I can't even love
I can't even say the words that I really want to say
The l’amour that is getting farther away
The words that I can't keep - they are making me cry

Don't say thank you
I want to give toi all my l’amour but
If we were to truly be strangers like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* Repeat

I l’amour toi - what do I do because I l’amour you?

It's okay even if it's a painful love
Even if I erase the last l’amour in my life
toi are someone that cannot be erased
Even if it's a sad destiny, I can't let toi go
I l’amour toi because it's you

Because to me, it's you
It looks like SNSD‘s Tiffany has quite a bit of foreign appeal with her récent appearance on a U.S. fashion site.

The website for designer brand “Lauren Moshi” showed a picture of Tiffany among many American célébrités sporting the brand’s clothing.

Tiffany is wearing the brand’s Diamond Parker cardigan, a simple black top, and short shorts. The singer’s appealing airport fashion definitely caught the eyes of fans, as well as the brand itself.

The célébrités suivant to her in the photo montage are Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian, and Ashley Tisdale. This photo is featured...
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.:::::Mr. Taxi:::::.

Taeyeon: Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York, the world, let’s freely drive tonight
Jessica: montrer off my new style everywhere
Tiffany: I’ll montrer toi something you’ve just never seen before
Seohyun: Hey, look this way be a little cautious!
So much flying par my left-hand side
Sunny: I’m so fast
All: Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi I’m going quickly quickly quickly
Yoona: At this speed no one can catch me
Yuri: Hey, can toi even follow me?
All: Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi I’m going quickly quickly quickly
Sooyoung: I’m shining, Seohyun: but no one can touch me
Tiffany: Truly Supersonic ‘n hypertonic...
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wanna get tiffany bigger pic?
go to the link:
there are many picture there justgo to the link i give!;)

sorry don't know what to write
.:::::SNSD THE BOYS:::::.

[All] I can tell you're looking at me
I know what toi see
Any closer and you'll feel the heat
[Jessica] GG
[All] toi don't have to pretend that toi didn't notice me
Every look will make it hard to breath
[Jessica] T R X
[All] B-Bring the boys out

[Tiffany] Yeah~ toi know~
[All] B-Bring the boys out
[Tiffany] We bring the boys out (x2) Yeah~
[All] B-Bring the boys out

[Taeyeon] Soon as I step on the scene
I know that they'll be watching me~ watching me~
([Tiffany] Get up)
[Yoona] I'mma be the hottest in this spot
There ain't no stopping me~ ([Tiffany] That's right) [Yoona] stopping...
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Recently, on ABC’s ‘LIVE! with Kelly’, Daniel Radcliffe has revealed the fact that he has Girls Generation’s album and he also chose Tiffany as the prettiest member.
The truth is that during the ‘Woman In Black’ movie premiere, a Korean staff gave Daniel Radcliffe Girls’ Generation’s album. Receiving the gift, Daniel a dit with a bright smile, “Thank toi very much. Even though I don’t know K-Pop well, after seeing the album, I think I want to know more,” and showed his liking for Girls’ Generation.

He picked Tiffany as the prettiest member of the group but after looking at the album closely, he a dit that Taeyeon is as pretty as Tiffany. It is a dit that Daniel Radcliffe reacted just like any other boys of his age.

A picture of SNSD’s Tiffany was recently released.(See Below)

On the 13th, an online community posté a picture with the comment, “Tiffany is practicing for the musical Fame.”

In the picture, she is smiling in a rose cardigan. She looks pretty even she is wearing comfortable clothes.

A person who uploaded the picture said, “She is still sick but she a dit she enjoyed performing.”

People responded: “Don’t be sick and be healthy! I feel like I’m sick too.” “She is always shining.” “Tiffany’s smiling face is so beautiful.”

Tiffany plays the role of Carmen Diaz, who wants to become a famous star. She will appear on stage on November 25 for the first time.
To welcome the brand new year, i have a new idea for this club.
For new fans, u can go to this page to know plus about my club first, and then come back to this page:

For already-fans, can straight read this article.

So, u know that in this club u have the chance to become the GFOTM (Greatest fan Of The Month) and win 60 props, right?
Now, I improvise this idea.
Pls read this article throughout and carefully.

Firstly, I added a few awards which is: Photographer, Videographer, Quizzer, Pickster, Writer, and GC-creater.

Here is the definition of these awards, and the condition to have the qualification...
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