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Narrator: Welcome to the Mossberg Narrow Gauge Railway. toi know? That railway with the narrow gauge locomotives that toi haven't seen in a long time, because I was too lazy to come up with an episode for them, until now?
Audience: *Laughing*
Georgia: *Going backwards to Mossberg Harbor*
Narrator: Uh, can toi see where you're going?
Audience: *Laughing*
Georgia: Of course I can. If you'll excuse me, I gotta pull a special birthday train.

Theme Song: link

Georgia: *Stops at the harbor, coupling up to four freight cars*


Sean: *Pulling eight coaches at high speed*
Makenzie: *Blowing steam as she enters the train yard*
Grayback: *Talking to Dan at a freight depot*
Panzer: *Angry as he looks at Ferris, and Jack to his left*
Kenny: *Smiles at four children waving to him at a railroad crossing*
Juliette: *Passes Larissa with a passenger train*


Marisa: *Slipping as her train drags her down the hill*
Jerry: *Pulling a freight train with Shayne*

Starring Sean of the Eastern Pacific
Makenzie of the Mossberg Narrow Gauge Railway
Grayback of the Hunterdon Central Railway
panzer of the Northern Errol Line
Kenny of Kenny's Line
and Juliette of the Eastwood & Mossberg Railway
Also starring Sean Bodine as S.B.

Megan: *With Sarah & Margaret in Impala Station*

Lucy: *Enters Mossberg Harbor with a freight train*
Narrator: Get ready folks, for something you'll want to see after a tragic accident in 2011.

Episode 76: A Proper Remake Of The Little Engine That Could

Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: Since Tillie, and Georgia are from the 1991 version of that film, it should be easy to pull off. Unfortunately the other engines from that movie are not here because we have to save money.
Rollo: *Arrives* But toi still have me, and the other toys.
Narrator: Yeah. I think we all know that.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Narrator: Shouldn't toi be getting the train ready?
Rollo: What train? Where? I don't see it.
Narrator: it's right behind you.
Audience: *Laughing*
Rollo: Oh, I knew that.
Narrator: Sure.
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: The cars that Georgia coupled up to were empty, except for the first one. That was loaded up with extra coal for Georgia.
Rollo: Are toi ready?
Georgia: Rarin' to roll Rollo.
Rollo: Okay Jeepers.
Jeepers: *Nods, and blows his whistle*

Song: link

Narrator: Why this?
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: Why couldn't we get the real musique from the film?
Audience: *Laughing*
Rollo: Grumpella!
Grumpella: Coming, coming. *Falls off a pile of toys* What's the rush?
Giraffes: *Pass Grumpella*
Grumpella: They won't fit in there.
Giraffes: *Get on board a boxcar which has a hole for them to stick their heads out of, on the roof*
Rollo: *On haut, retour au début of Georgia's cab* Perky!
Narrator: How'd toi get up there so quickly?
Audience: *Laughing*
Perky: *Falls off a ball, and lands on haut, retour au début of Randy Pandy*
Rollo: Randy Pandy!
Randy: *Pulls himself out from under Perky while laughing* Coming.
Perky: Do that on Georgia, not me!!!!!
Audience: *Laughing*
Stretch: *Lifts up Randy, and puts him in the back car*
Rollo: Stretch, and Missy!
Missy: *Doing Ballerina dances onto the train*
Soldiers: *Marching while playing drums to the beat of the music*
Stretch: *Clapping his hands*
Rollo: Everybody!
Teddy Bears: *Putting plage balls onto the train*
Stretch: *Loading ripe apples onto the train*
Narrator: Everyone was busy, chargement the Birthday Train with toys, and fresh fruit.
Soldiers: *Marching onto the train*
Teddy Bear: *Finishes chargement the train*
Soldiers: *Close the doors as they get onto the train*

Stop the song

Narrator: Didn't they already get onto the train?
Audience: *Laughing*
Tillie: *In a siding suivant to Ian, watching The Birthday Train get ready for departure* Oh. That's the most wonderful train in the world.
Ian: *Unamused* I did not need to be told that. I always pull the most wonderful trains ever offered.
Audience: *Laughing*
Tillie: Not your train. The one Georgia has.
Ian: What about it?
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Tillie: It's full of fresh fruit, toys, and other fun things for anyone that lives in Santa Cruz that has a birthday. Georgia gets to pull it every year, and here I am, pulling these short, unimportant trains to, and from the harbor.
Lucy: *Stops between Ian, and Tillie* What's going on toi two?
Ian: Tillie is talking about how she wants to pull The Birthday Train to Santa Cruz.
Tillie: Georgia is the only one that gets to do it. All I do is pull trains from the yard, to this harbor, and back again.
Lucy: You'll get your chance soon. Just wait, and see.
Rollo: Uh, it is my honor to say, that it, I am pleased to announce,
Mice: *Running towards the train with birthday cake*
Rollo: Uh, that it is.... uh,... it's time to uh
Grumpella: *Leaning out of seconde car* Oh come on, let's go!
Mice: *Run onto the train in time*

Georgia: *Attempts to pull the Birthday Train, but her wheels slip. She makes three plus attempts, but the same result occurs. Her fifth attempt has her wheels slip longer, and faster. Her suivant three attempts have her wheels slip a full rotation. Her wheels slip on the ninth attempt*
Rollo: *Falls into the coal car*
Georgia: *Her wheels continue to slip as she starts pulling the train forward*

Song: link

Rollo: *Emerges from the coal* Duh, uh, let's go.

Stop the song

Narrator: Well, at least that terrible song isn't being played anymore.

Song: link

Narrator: OH NO!!!!
Audience: *Laughing*
Georgia: *Pulling the Birthday Train, and smiles*
Rollo: *Waving a green flag, back on the haut, retour au début of Georgia*
Jeepers: *Sitting suivant to Rollo*
Georgia: *Looks ahead at the track, but part of her boiler comes loose, and she loses steam*
Rollo: *Looking at the haut, retour au début of Georgia's dome, rattling as steam escapes through the top*

Stop the song

Georgia: *Going slower*
Narrator: Without steam, Georgia won't have any power to pull the train. She struggled on, but had to stop at the first depot.
Georgia: *Looks down at the ground, very sad*
Worker 98: Epic fail!
Audience: *Laughing*
Rollo: *Bouncing on a Pogo stick* What happened?!?!?
Narrator: They still have those? I haven't seen a Pogo stick in a decade.
Audience: *Laughing*
Grumpella: Why did we stop?!
Rollo: Yeah, uh... What she said.
Georgia: I broke down. I sure am sorry.
Rollo: *Falls off*
Grumpella: I knew it! I knew it!!
Narrator: So did I. Rollo wouldn't last three minutes on that thing.
Audience: *Laughing*
Grumpella: Not the Pogo stick! I mean us! We'll never get over the mountain!
Jeepers: *Looking at the blood coming out of Georgia's boiler* Does it hurt?
Georgia: No Jeepers, it doesn't hurt, but... *Realizes it does hurt* aaaAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Narrator: Liar.
Audience: *Laughing*
Rollo: Well uh, uh, we need to uh, uh, uhhhh...
Narrator: Rollo's thoughts were interrupted when Hatti arrived.
Hatti: *Gasps when she sees Georgia* Is everyone okay?
Toys: *Coming out of the train*
Randy: Everyone except Georgia.
Hatti: I'll tell Dustin to get Georgia to the roundhouse for repairs. Right now, I need to deliver my freight train to Mossberg Harbor.
Narrator: Ten minutes later, Dustin came to collect Georgia.
Dustin: Okay, toi ready Georgia?
Georgia: Yeah. *Uncouples herself from the train*
Rollo: But, we need another engine to get us into Santa Cruz.
Dustin: Sorry everyone. I only have enough power to bring Georgia to the roundhouse. *Pulls Georgia away* Other engines will come par soon.
Jeepers: He's right.
Rollo: That's right. I know another engine will come along, I'm sure of it. I think? Maybe. *Prays* Please.
Narrator: They heard two whistles, and saw Kaela coming towards them.
Rollo: See? Did I tell toi so, ou what?
Grumpella: You're lucky, that's what.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Rollo: *Waving his red flag* Excuse me. Please-
Kaela: *Passes without stopping*
Randy Pandy: Well that was rude.
Amy: *Blowing her whistle as she comes towards Rollo, and the other toys*
Grumpella: Here comes another one. Let's hope she's plus polite.
Rollo: *Waving his red flag* Stop!
Amy: *Blows her whistle*
Rollo: There's only one way to get her to stop. *Stands on the tracks*
Giraffes: *Gasp*
Amy: *Applies her brakes, stopping with her cowcatcher two inches away from Rollo's legs*
Rollo: Ha. Nothing to it.
Amy: *Blows steam into Rollo*
Rollo: *Covered in water* On the other hand....
Audience: *Laughing*
Amy: What is it? I have to bring these three freight cars to the harbor, to be loaded up with iron ore.
Missy: Well, our engine has broken down, and the boys & girls in Santa Cruz won't have any toys to play with, ou good nourriture to eat, unless, toi are to help us.
Amy: *Angry* I'm sorry, I didn't understand a word toi just a dit with your French accent.
Audience: *Laughing*
Amy: *Takes off with her train*
Stretch: We aren't gonna make it.
Perky: She's not the only engine on this line. There's bound to be plus coming our way.
Rollo: I didn't think she was the right one anyway.
Makenzie: *Pulling 3 coaches as she blows her whistle*
Rollo: Ah, now there's an engine that knows how to, uh, uh- duh.... What was I saying?
Audience: *Laughing*
Makenzie: *Puffing towards Rollo & the toys*
Rollo: Stop!! *Waving his red flag* Stop!!
Makenzie: *Applies her brakes, and hits Rollo*
Rollo: *On Makenzie's face, but when she stops, he slides off, landing on the track in front of her*
Makenzie: What is the meaning of this?
Rollo: Well uh, uh, umumumumum-
Grumpella: What he's trying to say is that our engine has broken down, and the boys & girls in Santa Cruz won't have any toys to play with, ou good nourriture to eat unless toi help us.
Rollo: Uh, yeah.
Makenzie: I'm not the right engine for the job. Besides, I'm busy with passenger trains. If I don't pull them, the passengers will complain, and destroy this railroad. So long. *Puffs away with her train*
Grumpella: *Annoyed* We're never going to make it now!
Rollo: Oh yes we will. We just need to believe in the other engines harder.
Grumpella: They're not coming.
Rollo: *Angry* Oh yes they are!
Grumpella: They're not!
Rollo: They are!
Grumpella: They're not!
Rollo: They are!
Grumpella: They're not!
Rollo: They are!
Narrator: We're just going to let them argue, and déplacer onto the suivant scene.
Audience: *Laughing*
Makenzie: *Next to Tillie in the harbor* They don't have anyone to get them moving.
Tillie: That's horrible. If I didn't have to shunt these cars, I'd go there immediately.
Austin: *Stops suivant to Tillie* Hello. What's happening?
Tillie: I'm just talking about the birthday train. Georgia is the only one that gets to pull it. I want to do it, but Mr. Swanson has me pull trains from the harbor to the yard, and back again.
Austin: Your chance will come sooner than toi expect. I'm sure Mr. Swanson will let toi pull the birthday train into Santa Cruz, but if can't see the potential toi have, you're gonna have to be assertive.
Tillie: Oh, I already know that. Why do toi think I got to pull the train in the 1991 film?
Austin: *Embarrassed* Oh. My speech didn't motivate you...
Audience: *Quietly laughing*
Tillie: Don't worry. It still helped. I just gotta finish switching these cars around, and then I can pull the train.
Austin: plus power to toi then. I have to go. See toi later. *Rings his cloche, bell as he leaves the harbor*

Song: link

Tillie: Right. I just need to finish shunting these cars before it's too late.
Narrator: While Rollo and Grumpella continued arguing, Natalia puffed up towards them. She was not pulling anything.
Rollo: An engine!
Grumpella: That isn't pulling a train!
Toys: We're saved!!
Natalia: Georgia told me all about you. Get on board, and I'll get toi to Santa Cruz.
Narrator: Natalia turned around on a loop track, coupled up to the train, and started to pull, but they didn't go anywhere.

Natalia: *Slipping, and blows out a lot of steam from her cylinders*
Grumpella: We were all wrong. We're not saved.
Natalia: *Her wheels slip faster*
Rollo: Okay look, uh thanks for helping, but I think we'll get somebody else.
Natalia: Lo siento. *Uncouples herself from the train, and puffs away*
Grumpella: Now who's going to pull us?
Tillie: *Arrives* I think I can.
Grumpella: Oh great! Now we got a miniature choo choo, who thinks she can pull us!

Song: link

Tillie: I think I can.
Narrator: She was coupled up, and this happened.
Tillie: *Slipping, not able to pull the train* I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I-

Stop the song

Narrator: Okay, stop. This isn't working.
Tillie: Just kidding! *Pulls the train out of the depot*
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: Well, that was clever. I guess toi know what happens next.
Austin: *In the roundhouse with Sean* What happens?
Sean: Let him tell you.
Narrator: She made it.
Austin: Oh good.
Narrator: But she tried pulling the train back after the party, and broke down on the hill.
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: Here's the clip.
Tillie: *Slipping as the train pulls her back. She breaks down, and the train rolls down the hill* No!!!
Austin: Oh no!
Sean: Ah she'll be fine. She's gone through worse. Remember the mountain that got her trapped in the snow?
Austin: Oh yeah, I remember.
Narrator: Okay. What are toi two going to do now?
Sean: Remake Rachet & Clank.

Ending theme (Start it at 0:52): link

Sean: *Leaves with Austin*
Narrator: Wait! If you're remaking Rachet & Clank, what's with the CHiPs music?!
Audience: *Laughing*
Narrator: Oh forget it. Cue the end credits..... *Waiting for the end credits to start*

The end credits montrer Sean and Austin going down the line side par side to the Northern Errol Line

Characters used for episode


Songs used for episode

CHiPs Theme: John Parker & Alan Silvestri
Che La Luna: Louis Prima
Short Song: Sean Bodine
Nothing Can Stop Us Now: The Little Engine That Could Soundtrack

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production from May 29, 2016
 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.
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tv montrer
thomas the train
thomas and Friends
Scene 1: Mossberg Harbor

With several innuendo's already in the story, it was decided to change the dialogue in part of this scene.

As they walked into the building, they saw Jerry, Tabby, and Bri.

Jack: *Staring at the two girls*
Tabby: Enjoying the view?
Jack: Yeah.
Bri: I'll make it even better for you.
Jesse: First, we need your help with Austin. We gotta find a place for him to lay down.
Jerry: Take him with me over here. *Walks with the two men into another room*
Jack: *Hears a knock on the door* Hold on girls. *Opens the door*
Jessica: Hi Jack.
Jack: Jessica?! *Hugs her* Oh I'm so glad you're here!...
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Sean is the narrator

Audience: *Laughing*
S.B: *At his house* We haven't even started, and already, you're laughing?
Audience: *Laughing*
S.B: Oh boy. Trainz was filmed in High Definition before a live studio audience.
Audience: *Laughing*
Sean: *Stops his passenger train at Nova Station*
Jazlin: *Stops suivant to him with another passenger train* Hello.
Sean: Hey.
Jazlin: When our work is finished, what do toi want to do?
Sean: Make love?
Jazlin: *Blushing* Good choice. I need to get plus coal, but I'll see toi soon. *Winks as she puffs away*

Theme Song: link

Sean: *Uncouples from his train, and heads for...
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Joel and the rest of his team arrived in Jacksonville. The other eight heritage units were just arriving.

Elias: I see toi got everyone else here.
Ernest: It's amazing what technology can do.
Victor: Joe, let me introduce toi to the others. This here is Guy. The Penn Central unit is Anthony. Tim is Conrail, and Kelli is DL&W. Eddie is Monongahela, Ivan, Southern, Nathan, Virginian, and Chett is Illinois Terminal.
Joe: I didn't know Illinois Terminal was part of Norfolk Southern's heritage.
Chett: Before merging with Southern, Norfolk & Western purchased the Illinois Terminal in 1982.
continue reading...
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At Columbus, there was an intermodal yard. Joe, and Victor found Joel.

Victor: Well, I think we already know what he's going to do.
Joel: *Shooting five NS High capuche, hotte Geeps with a Mac-10*
Joe: Was there any doubt?
Joel: *Backing up to Victor, and Joe* Hey. Elias a dit toi two would be coming.
Victor: Been a while, but it's nice to see toi again.
Joe: toi worked together?
Victor: It was three years ago. He was trying to contact the rest of the heritage units when several Norfolk Southern engines were closing in on him. I helped him escape.
Joel: It was back in New Jersey. What brings toi here?
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Song: link

Victor, and Joe arrived in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a beautiful day, without a single nuage in the sky.

Victor: I'll take this over a gray sky in West Virginia any day.
Joe: toi a dit it.

The song fades away when they meet Elias in the Florida East Coast yard.

Elias: This is where eight of their engines were scrapped par Ferromex.
Kerry: We're a harmless railway, but we need your help.
Frank: There's a lot of them. toi have enough engines to help us?
Elias: I think so. Victor, Joe, can toi find them?
Joe: Where do we go first?
Elias: As soon as they were born, the other twenty heritage...
continue reading...
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tv montrer
thomas the train
thomas and Friends
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ringo starr
tv montrer
thomas the train
thomas and Friends
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thomas the train
tv montrer
thomas and Friends
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