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Don't know when it happened but guess what got deleted again!?

So people constantly ask me and other Bloom haters 'why do toi hate Bloom so much?' ou 'why is Bloom your least favori character?' So I am typing this article... answer that question and hopefully clarify and help others understand why I and many other Bloom haters don't like Bloom. If toi Bloom fans read this and get offended that's not my fault as I've warned you.

First off I'll start with the obvious one; She's a Mary sue. Everyone falls at her feet and worships her, be it het friends, other students attending Alfea,...
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So last night I actually have a dream about the prettiest Winx, so I decided to write an article about my dream but in a different way. Anyways, I hope toi like this!

5. Musa
Musa is my 2nd favourite Winx, but she's not that pretty, well, at least she made it to my haut, retour au début 10. I'll start off with her gorgeous season 5 and 3 hair, they look do awesome especially season 5! If toi watch seasons 1 and 2 you'll know why she's on fifth place– her short hair. I like the combination of her style guide, half girly half tomboyish just like her personality. I really admire her blue eyes and her bright red...
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 Skimpy! Too skimpy too soon! Also too skinny!
Skimpy! Too skimpy too soon! Also too skinny!
is winxclub a bad influence?
That's our question, so lets start, shall we? :)

Winxclub has alot of magic, and adventure. But the big message is sended to almost all kids. Here's my questions-
are the winx too skinny?
are the Winx too skimpy?

Now, im not saying its like disney, with one-million subliminal messages. And things that send out bad messages.
1-are the winx too skinny?
Yes. They are. To be honest, they look like stick figures. And I mean, beyond anorexia nervosa. The message? Skinny girls can be super heros! Thats sad. I mean, why? Not even real animé has them that skinny. Can they make...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I am not sure if this 100% correct because I did find it on the sirenix Winx Club Wiki page and I have only seen the episodes up to 21, but I do know Bloom's is correct since we have seen Daphne in human form.
Tecna: wished that all of the people of her accueil world would become plus open and connected to all of the thousands of people of the entire magical universe.

Stella wished that her parents-King Radius and Queen Luna- would listen to their hearts more.

Flora: wished that all people respect nature.

Aisha: wished for Nereus to be...
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