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 seconde Chances
Second Chances
Summary:They had Lost someone important to them. They had destroyed themselves and corrupted their relationships with the ones who had care for them the most. Only the diamond cœur, coeur in them were the ones to give them a seconde chance.

An ominous growl rang in city of Magix. Rain started to showered lightly, as two strangers walked towards the Magix Fountain. There walked a familiar nymph from the North: brown hair, green eyes, and rose lips. From the South, a specialist stomped to the crossroad: short-spiked magenta hair and violet eyes.

"Uh…" They gasped at each other. They recognized each...
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 Aisha and Nabu
Aisha and Nabu
Again, thank you to FanNoOne111 for inspiring the poll of Winx Next Generation Naming. Credits to his Winx Transformation Countdowns and his article for the conclusions.

Welcome to the fourth conclusion of the Winx suivant Generation Naming. Thanks to the 35 fans who participated in the poll! We have concluded the results of Aisha and Nabu's baby girl's name. Let's get started!

According to the poll, the child's name chosen par the Winx Club Community of fans is Aqua.

A reason that Aqua was nominated to be a choice of the vote was because that Aqua is a very-used name for many fanfiction for the...
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La Reine des Neiges
fan video
posted by zanhar1
This fic is kind of a sequel to Numb. toi don’t have to read Numb to understand the story, however the backstory as to how the kid was born and such is in that fic. Nah, this one is plus of a fluffy, silly Icy’s stellar parenting fic that follows the same characters from Numb.

The child was so much like her that it was annoying.

Sure the girl looked plus like her father, she definitely had his eyes and his nose. But her snark and sarcasm could only have come from one place.

Yup, that child clearly inherited Icy’s trademark sass.

And this particular trait always seemed to surface when the...
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Flora POV

When I woke up, I physically didn't have the energy to open my eyes all the way. It was hard to breathe, and I felt like someone was strangling me. I heard that man's voice again, just as evil as it was the last time we talked.

"Finally. It's been two days since the last time toi were awake. How's it going for you?" He smirked. I couldn't say anything, I just lay there. I could feel my energy draining par the second.

"Nothing to say? How about...
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LOST[ toi won’t Know What is a right way]
Casts : Stella, Flora, Icy
Location: Dream

Chapter I [Stuck in a midway]
<i>“I didn’t knew that I will be here with toi guys. I hate toi and now I am with you? Ugh...I want to kill toi literally” I a dit “Hey! How dare toi to say these words don’t toi realize that toi are with us and you’re breathing because of us?” Stella screamed at me, god someone tell her that her voice while screaming is so bad. “Now,now toi can’t shot at me like that Miss Girly Girl” I a dit “How rude she is! How the hell...” Stella replied loudly and...
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